The Tree Warriors - Raging Heroes

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The Tree Warriors

A box of 3 different multi-parts Tree Warriors.
Behold the awakening of the Tree Warriors, the powerful beings who arise to crush all who dare oppose the forest elves.

Box contains 3 different heads, 3 different torsos, 3 different sets of legs and 6 different arms, all with a ball-joint assembly system.

Please note: the Tree Warriors are now only available in RESIN and they come with 3 ROUND 40mm bases.

To help you complete and renew your army, we've dropped by nearly 20% the price of a box of 3 different Tree Warriors, from 47,95 to 38,95 Euros.

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28mm scale
Fits on a 40mm round base
Up to 50mm from feet to eyes
Up to 85 mm tall overall
Spin-cast resin

The Tree Warriors are roused to war!

Answering the Willow Huntresses summons, in service to the Sylvan Oak Fathers themselves in Syl-Iriah's blessed name, the Tree Warriors form their great battle cohorts. The enemies of Syl-Iriah, those who come with axe and fire to harm her, soon learn the folly of their actions as the Tree Warriors' rage builds from slow anger to full-blown battle frenzy. Their wooden limbs lash out with strength and ferocity to split a troll asunder, their thick barked hides repel swords, axes and arrows as the Tree Warriors plough into the ranks of their foes, throwing armoured troops aside like children's toys and tearing down fortifications with the surety of nature's dominance over all things built by the arrogance of men or orcs or dwarves.

The Forest is awoken. The Tree Warriors march forth to bring bloody ruin upon the young races. Run while you can...

- written by Meangreenstompa