Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess (DE - F/SF) - Raging Heroes

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Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess (DE - F/SF)

This resin mini will work for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy games. Scale is Heroic 28mm.

Sinzirith, Blood Vestal High Priestess + 25mm round base.

Also part of the Dark Elves Heroines Box 1.

Despite what the whirling chaos of their fighting moves might suggest, the Blood Vestals operate within a very strict hierarchy, and Sinzirith ranks among the highest.

Becoming the High Priestess has not been an easy path, one littered with the blood and the flesh of her many rivals, lovers and friends, who have all been sacrificed on the altar of her burning ambition.

But in the end, what are a few pounds of flesh compared to the exhilaration she gets riding to war atop the Grand War Altar of the Succubi (coming soon), bathing in the blood of her enemies, enthralled in the wisps of incense smoke and vapors of frenzy drugs. No doubt, she stands on the top of the world.