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3 TALL TGG1 MASCOTS: Harry, Charlie and Jinx

SAVE 20% when you buy the 3 TALL TGG1 Mascots together instead of each one separatelyOR SAVE 33% when you buy 6 models: the 3 TALL mascots, and their 28mm counterparts instead of each item separately.
But hurry: extremely limited stocks available.

The Mascots are:

  • Jinx, mascot of the Iron Empire
  • Charlie, KST's mascot
  • Harry the Baby Hippo, Jailbirds' Mascot

Made of resin. Heroic 54mm scale for the large models, heroic 28mm for the smaller versions. Includes round bases for each character (50mm for the large ones, and 25mm for the 28mm models).