Warbikes Squad (KST) - Raging Heroes

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Warbikes Squad (KST)

3 Kurganova Warbikes. Box includes many extras for customisation:

  • 3 Kurganova motorbikes
  • + 3 different Kurganova riders
  • + 3 extra Kurganova heads
  • + 3 extra arms

    All the miniatures are in resin.

    These amazing machines tend to be pretty wild on the battlefield. With the biker girls blazing down an enemy's flanks leaving havoc and chaos in their wake, they distract their foes just long enough for the heavily armed trikes to roll up and mow down anyone left standing!

    Led by the ultra-powerful Kurganov family, the Kurganova Shock Troops are a highly organized and disciplined army with underlying Eastern European themes. They also benefit from the support of strong cyber-enhanced paganic magic. This, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.