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Host of Icariates Pack (Sisters - SF)

All new elite Icariates unit!

Pack contains 10 Icariates Ablazers + 10 Icariates Severors

Choose your variant wings: Feather Wings or Jet Wings

These models are all different from the previous version:

- Choose your wings: Your choice of reimagined feathered wings or fully mechanical Jet wings.
- More Details: Each mini has even more fine detail, including updated armour, clothing, and faces.
- New scale: more epic and more bulky.
- New weapons: Each Severors use Sword and pistol to fill their elite role, with the captain able to equip a holy banner.

  • Customize your Severors team with alternative weapons:
    - 10 Submachine pistols and Sword
    - 4 pairs of fusion pistol
    - 3 pair of flamers
    - Upgrade the Captain with Plasma Gun, Chainsword sword, and Banner

  • Customize your Ablazers team with alternative weapons:
    - 10 pairs of Submachine pistols
    - 5 pairs of fusion pistol
    - 4 pair of flamers
    - Upgrade the Captain with Plasma Gun and Chainsword sword

  • They are finely crafted in resin. Their scale is 32mm so will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 20 x 30mm round bases.

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