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Hell on Earth Packs (Mix - F/SF)

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  • Variant A:  Avatar of Shaah 2nd Inc + Avatar of Taipahn + Avatar of Xeryell
  • Variant B:Avatar of Shaah 2nd Inc + Avatar of Taipahn
  • Variant C:Avatar of Shaah 2nd Inc + Avatar of Xeryell

 Available in pre-sale now. Orders will ship starting January 10 

Fall under the spell of the Avatar of Shaah – Second Incarnation.
She crushes her enemies with ease and delectation as they are rendered helpless facing her spellbinding beauty.
Intoxicated by her seductive aura and scent, her allies fight to the death without an ounce of fear, pain, or pity.
From floor to the highest point, the Avatar of Shaah – Second Incarnation measures 260 mm (that’s over 10 inches).
Towering over the battlefield, she will enthral her followers and lead her entranced enemies to a blissful death.

Xeryell, Avatar of the Dominion of Hatred is 210mm tall (over 8.3 inches) from floor to highest point. Lovingly designed with brilliant details, this huge model will be a fantastic addition to your army and a dream to paint. This massive miniature is one of the biggest demons you'll likely ever have on your table.

The Avatar of Taïpahn:"All Lust Elves are able to shapeshift in a way or another. When they conjure the vastness of their immense powers, the Houses' Lords and Mistresses reveal themselves in their true demonic and gigantic size. In that form, they are called Avatar as they embody the full supernatural essence of the Lust Elves." She is 233mm tall!!! That's nearly 9.2 inches!

Models are all finely crafted in resin. No base included