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Freebooters of the White Sea (P - F)

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These are the Freebooters of the White Sea featuring:

  • Skye de Vergne (P - F): Skye de Vergne escaped her aristocratic past to have a life of adventure at sea.
  • Two Toes Long Vlark (P - F): Two Toe's Long Vlark has a long colourful past but he will never talk about it - all secrets are safe with him!
  • Iron Hook Turner (P - F): Iron Hook Turner is the Quartermaster of the Pirates' ship. Don't even think about stealing a potato, grummet, or you will get acquainted with his sharp iron hook!
  • Sassy O' Jill (P - F): Sassy O' Jill - the name says it all! She's always the first to get in AND out of trouble, and it's been that way all the way up and down the family tree.

Models are all finely crafted in resin. The scale is 32mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 4 x 30mm round bases.

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