DEMONIC Rapture Pack (LE - F/SF) (incl. Avatar of Shaah) - Raging Heroes

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DEMONIC Rapture Pack (LE - F/SF) (incl. Avatar of Shaah)

Box includes

  • The Avatar of Shaah, Second Incarnation: "Towering over the battlefield, radiating hypnotic scents and irresistible auras of lascivious seduction, the Avatar of Shaah mesmerises her enemies and entrances her followers." 
    As she majestically walks into the fray, it feels like the apocalypse would be the most beautiful thing you could ever witness…
    Take note:  rom floor to the highest point, the Avatar of Shaah – Second Incarnation measures 260 mm (that’s over 10 inches).

  • 10 Mantis Warriors: the Command Group and the TroopsThese are all different from one another, and parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customisation.

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is about 30mm Heroic scale: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 10 x 25mm round bases.

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