Asharah SF (28mm)

A customizable Hero / Warrior / Sorceress for your Science-Fiction, Steampunk, and Cybergothic games.

Box contains 9 accessories:
3 Heads (ecclesiarch, demonic disciple, stellar elf)
2 Backpacks
2 Swords
2 Guns


28mm scale
Fits into a regular unit on a round 25mm base
White metal
28mm from heel to eyes
35mm from toe to eyes (as she stands on tiptoes)

Video made by our Ukrainian reseller Spellscape

Designed by Benoit Guerville. Sculpted by Fausto Gutiérrez López (Yedharo Models). Painted by Catz.

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Collections: - Sci-Fi, Complete Collection

Category: Hero

Army: Void Elves (VE - SF)