New TGG2 Mantis Warriors - Raging Heroes

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New TGG2 Mantis Warriors

These new Mantises are not yet available for purchase, but they will soon be. They are all different, and made of resin, and will include 10 round 25mm bases. They will be sold in 2 boxes, 5 in the Command box, and 5 in the Troops box. Each box will retail at 19.95€.

The Command box includes extra accessories to make the musician and the standard bearer into regular warriors.

Scroll down for a video on how to prep the new TGG2 Mantis Warriors. You can also see if you prefer our original Preying Mantis, available in our webshop.

To be the first to know when the TGG2 Mantis Warriors are released and get a special discount, drop us a note at

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