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This month get ready for the Dark Elves Madness! First of all, make sure you're a member of our newsletter and that you "whitelist" us (here's how) to receive our emails, so you won't miss anything!

1 - Dark Elves Free Model: out of 5 different troopers!

Any order over 99 euros will automatically get a free miniature! It will be a Dark Elves Trooper out of 5 different models! So it could be either a SpearWoman, a LongSwordWoman, a CrossbowWoman, a SwordWoman or a HalberdWoman. How cool is that!? Time to roll the dice!

2 - Exclusive Content & Tutorials

Now let's start painting these great models! We're going to share exclusive videos and photos, painting tutorials, including a special collaboration with Beasts of War / OnTableTop featuring the Altar of The Succubi!