All THREE Brunhilde versions - Raging Heroes

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All THREE Brunhilde versions

Time-Limited Offer: THREE outstanding officers on the battelfield!
Kit includes
Standing Brunhilde with 2 weapon options (shield and great sword)
2 horses with riders bearing long sword, one with huge banner and one with shield, along with 4 head options:
• 2 regular Brunhilde heads with monocle
• 1 high-ranking Female Knight head
• 1 Helmeted head

Save 4 Euros when buying this kit:
-> Only 71.85€ (~ US$94 / £61 / AU$93 / CDN$94)

Just want the mounted versions?
See Brunhilde with Banner and high-ranking female knight head or Brunhilde with Shield and helmeted head option.

And see here for Brunhilde as a foot(wo)man. ->

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Meet the rest of the family!
The von Königsmark Limited Edition Box with exclusive items!
• And check out their descendants for SciFi: Malinka, Ivanka and Olga Kurganova.

• 28mm scale
• Fits into a regular unit on rectangular 25 x50mm base (included)
• White metal except for Brunhilde with Great Banner, who is in resin.
• Riders' legs are attached to the horses
• Mounted versions' total heigh: ~59 (with Shield) and ~78mm (with Banner)
• ~29mm from floor to eyes