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March 18, 2021 5 min read 2 Comments

Dear WarStagers,

So yes, it is true, some of you have already received their WarStages parcels! In fact as I’m writing this, there are WarStages parcels crisscrossing the country in their last trip to your home if you live in the USA. 

And so, yes, we enter the final sprint for the line in this extreme endurance marathon!

A big “Thank You”!

The comments from a lot of you following the last post warmed the cockles of our hearts. It was great to see you understand the problems we have been facing down and nice to feel solidarity with some of you tackling the same issues in your working lives. So thanks again :)

A quick important note

As we talk about shipping please keep in mind that some of the pledge levels are so large that they require multiple boxes for shipping and so, depending on how it is sent out from the hub, we cannot guarantee all boxes are delivered at the same time. 

Now there is a lot of important information to get over to you in this update so let's get to it.

In this update we will cover:

  • Outstanding Shipping Payments
  • Shipping by each area (USA, UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Rest of the World)
  • WarStages YouTube Playlist
  • 3D printable clips


Outstanding Shipping Payments

Those of you who have not yet paid for the shipping of your pledges will have been contacted in the past few weeks. This is an absolute final warning that those shipping costs that remain unpaid will end up forfeiting their pledges. (The reason for this is simple - the distribution centers cannot keep stock for long periods of time.) If you are one of those who has not paid for shipping yet, contact us immediately to clear these costs to ensure you get your pledge. If you have a problem making this payment on time, make sure to CONTACT US! We are here to help!

Shipping Situation Report

Once again, we really had a very hard time chasing information and making sure things were moving forward since the last update. 

Once again, Covid and Brexit were the big culprits. It’s obvious that the people at the hubs are a bit overwhelmed by this crazy situation but things are clearing up and in the last two days we were finally able to confirm enough information to bring you this update. 

So here is what’s going on:


The majority of you in the USA will have started receiving your shipping notices for WarStages, and some of you have already received their WarStages goods! You can’t imagine how happy we are: If you haven't received yours already then you should get a notice in the coming days. 

And if you did, please share some photos with your fellow bakers, this will certainly warm their heart!


We are excited to report that shipping should start within the next week for Canadian backers. You should begin to get noticies shortly, and receive your pledges not long after that. Yeah!

There are still a handful of Canadian backers who have not paid for shipping. Don’t miss out on receiving your pledges, make sure you contact us today to get this sorted!


As all of you in the United Kingdom are acutely aware, there are some unavoidable delays. Covid restrictions and social distancing mean there are less people working in the hub and consequently it takes longer to carry out the tasks. 

We have been constantly chasing updates on the status of shipping notices and delivery of the pledges but are struggling to get answers from the hub but have only received a response today. The reduced team there is working through repacks for the reprinted parts before they are shipped out and this is what is taking so long as they are VERY short staffed at the moment. We have been told repacking will be completed this week and so we expect that UK shipping will start next week. 


You might remember that we told you about maybe moving all the European parcels to a Germany hub.

Due to Brexit we have been advised that the best way to ensure minimal delays and issues with customs, is to distribute the European pledges from mainland Europe instead of the UK. Of course this adds a bit of extra work, money and time to set up. We are currently organising the logistics to transport the pledges to Germany, although unpredictable shifts in Covid restrictions, particularly in France where the government is currently changing its mind every two days about letting some type of transport pass through or not, is giving us some grief in having the transporter able to plan a route. When the route is finalised our Chinese Manufacturer will take care of the necessary documentation so it can move forward quickly (we have to prove the goods only transited in the UK and were not modified there). 

We are also consulting with VAT specialized firms as it is nearly impossible to get clear information on how to deal with that at the moment.

We will put out another update when this process is further along and when shipping has begun.


Australia/New Zealand

We are also facing some unique challenges for the Australian/New Zealand region but these are being dealt with by our team as we speak. 

They are currently being prepared for oversea shipping and once underway should take 6 weeks to arrive in the country, maybe less. We are confident that once shipping is started it will be pretty swift to fulfill the pledges, as we are seeing in other regions. This was NOT the original plan, as this is generating significant extra charges and delays, but it seems like we have no choice :(


Rest of the World

Hot on the heels of USA shipping will come the rest of the world. We expect that to commence in a couple of weeks. Again, once shipping has started we are confident it will get completed quickly as all pledges are fulfilled. 

WarStages YouTube Playlist 

When you do get your packages, make sure you go to our WarStages playlist on YouTube! Some of the pieces are complex and intricate, and we have created 36 videos to ensure you don't damage the scenery when putting it together.

3D Printable Clips

We have had a few comments from you asking about the possibility of STL files for the connectors. This is a great idea for you to be able to print your own clips if you need any replacements! We are definitely going to do that but we will give you all the details in a future update. 

When we developed these clips we printed tons and tons of them and realised that just a slight variation in resin type or printer settings could make the clips too loose or too tight.

So we want to be able to pass along some guides for how to print them instead of just dropping you the files. Look out for further news on this in the coming weeks.

That’s all for today

We are so relieved and happy to be so close to delivering hundreds of boxes of scenery across the globe. We cannot wait to see your social media posts with shipping notices, pictures of actual boxes sitting in your homes, unboxing videos of your pledges, and most importantly photos of epic scenery kicking your games up a notch!!!

Please be sure that, on our end, as soon as anything decisive happens we will post another update!

Until then, stay safe WarStagers!

2 Responses

John Sliwinski
John Sliwinski

March 18, 2021

Amazing to have this wonderful mail waiting to be opened for so long. Well done to you all. I am in EU Slovakia but have patience as I understand the difficulties in shipping you are trying to arrange, You and your team are HEROES.


March 18, 2021

My Warstages Medium Cathedral and multiple Dr. kits and a Mat arrived a couple of weeks ago to a house in the midst of some construction so while they’re here I can’t say much more than that yet. But is true the magical cardboard cathedrals really do exist!
Thanks again for all your efforts to complete this Kickstarter and deliver a product to your supporters.

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