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May 07, 2020 3 min read 2 Comments

Dear WarStages Backer,

Once again we can't thank you enough for your patience, we know it's been a long ride, with the misfortune of the world's current situation now adding to it. However, yes, it's finally time to ship your awesome terrain!

Shipping Fees

Just a reminder since the project started a while ago: as stated in the Kickstarter, we need to collect your shipping fees now, and we couldn't do it upfront because we needed to have the shipping quotes first.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the quotes ended up being a bit higher than what we expected. But it would be really unfair, especially after all this time, to ask you for more than what we initially stated in the Kickstarter conditions for shipping. That's why we decided to pay for the extra shipping costs, and you will only pay the 15% max we estimated initially. For example, if you selected the Small Cathedral as your Reward, which is worth $185 in the Pledge Manager, then your shipping fees are $27.75.

These babies are HEAVY! We got turned down by several fulfilment companies because of this, as they would not handle this type of heavy Rewards… Here are the weights, in case you're curious:

ONE Extra-Large Cathedral: 38.4 kg
ONE Large Cathedral: 19.2 kg
ONE Medium Cathedral: 11.8 kg
ONE Small Cathedral: 8.3 kg
ONE Floor Mat: 0.5 kg
ONE Daedalus Extension: 2.5 kg

We wish we could give you a better deal and get lower than 15% for this fee, but in the current situation that's the best we can do for you, by taking care of the surplus fees and paying ourselves a part of your shipping costs. We hope you'll understand.

Sorry if it sounds a bit like a bummer if you totally forgot about this detail, but that was the initial agreement when you joined the WarStages Kickstarter: we would collect the shipping fees at the end, it would be between 10% and 15%. Good news is that we're finally at the end and you'll receive soon the best wargaming terrain ever seen in the galaxy!

Last Chance for KS Price… XL and L Cathedrals SOLD OUT already!

Also in the good news, this is a very last chance and opportunity, for those of you interested, to place an extra order at the Kickstarter price. As stated in previous updates, we'll be selling at a regular price the surplus we have left from the production.

However, we only have S and M Cathedrals left, Daedalus Extensions and Floor Mats. L and XL Cathedrals are now sold out. So last chance to score a deal there on what's left!

How to Pay for Shipping?

VERY IMPORTANT: You have until June 1st to pay shipping + make any additional selection:


Go to http://warstages1ks.com/ and Sign in. This will automatically take you to your Order(s).


Click on your Order Number(s) (in red), which will open up your order(s). Take note of ALL the items you've selected, including the quantities: you will need to add a shipping fee for EACH of the item(s) in your Rewards Selection.


Then, you will Create a NEW order, so go to All SHIPPING FEES, and ADD to your cart the shipping fee(s) corresponding to your Rewards Selection.

Remember, you need to add a shipping fee for EACH item, so if you chose 2 Daedalus kits, you need to add 2 Daedalus Shipping Fees.


Then, go to Check Out. Make sure to enter a shipping address that will be valid until the end of July. We will use this latest address to ship your Rewards, regardless of whatever address you entered when you made your original Rewards Selection.

And that's it, you're done!

What if I miss the deadline of June 1st ?

  • If we have no news from you after June 1st, we will consider that you're forfeiting your pledge, and we won't be able to ship, neither refund your pledge
  • If you paid shipping but forgot to make your selection: we'll make the selection and will choose for you (so please, it's better if you make your own choice ;) )

That's it for now, thanks again for your support in this very wild ride, we're finally seeing the end, and can't wait to see your terrain photos!

As usual, if you have questions or comments, get in touch with us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com.

2 Responses

Craig Cormier
Craig Cormier

May 07, 2020

I know this comment will never be posted because you people censor all posts that are negative toward you, but I’m writing it anyway.

This shipping situation is completely unbelievable. This project is 2 years late in fulfillment and you all have the gall to tell the backers that you will forfeit our rewards and refuse to give refunds if we can’t come up with exorbitant shipping costs in less than 2 months? The globe is in the middle of a pandemic. Virtually every person on the planet has been negatively impacted financially. The situation will not be resolved by June 1st.

This response from you is totally unacceptable. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

I hope you at least read this comment before censoring it.

Heylon Wolter
Heylon Wolter

May 07, 2020

It’s been 2 years. Some of us have moved. I even got in touch with you guys when I moved to have it sent to my buddy’s address but it’s still listing my old address.

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