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March 09, 2018 6 min read 13 Comments

Oh my god, I messed up...

When 5 days ago one of the team member came to me saying “Some people are complaining that they didn't get the January update”, I replied in a very assured tone “Well, sure they got it, I wrote it myself”... just to realize that .. in fact... I hadn't.

Well, I guess it's probably old age slowly creeping up on me...

We've been so busy doing WarStages-related stuff these last few months, my mind was so full of WarStages stuff that I was certain I had written and posted up that update.

So, my sincere apologies for this.

So finally here is the update, with lots of info and great news!

The Pledge Manager is about to open!

The Pledge Manager is nearly ready.

pledge manager warStages

We are proof-reading everything one last time, testing all the links and making sure no info is missing. It will open some time next week.

Once again, if you want your rewards selection process to go smoothly, WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that you need to carefully read the instructions on how to access your account so that there is no mistake or problem with how your Kickstarter money is allotted as pledge manager credits.

Also, we’ve already talked about this earlier, but please keep in mind that due to the unique nature of this project and to its manufacturing process, we cannot commence the printing before we get about 90% of the backers to select their reward.

We know from experience some people forget to make their rewards selection or assume they have the time to decide what they want since the products are not yet available.

But in this case, we urge you to make sure you make your selection before the 15th of April so the project is not delayed.

PDF update – We went a bit overboard...

Please keep in mind that the PDF is reserved for backers who made a Cathedral Pledge during the campaign, in August 2017. If you late pledged (or did not pledge for a least the Small Cathedral), you don't have access to this extra and free reward.

Ok, we've went a bit crazy here... There will be many more options than what was originally announced. There won't be 3 finishes for the large containers but... something like 20 or more!

But that's not all... there will not be 1 but 2 different shapes of containers.

So that will make more than 40 options !!!!

Container Variants

A few of the various containers' finishes

About the shapes, there is the slightly pyramidal container we showed you last time, and a more regular, rectangle-shaped one. The reason we did this is that we realized rectangle containers would be easier to stack up if you want to create more complex arrangements on your table.

We've created all these color and finish variants for the containers to make sure you find something that fits your own home interior decoration ;)

More seriously, we wanted to give you as many options as possible. If you like to have a lot of scattered elements on your table, we didn't want you to have 10 times the same-looking containers.

We also did the same thing for the Cistern kit. So instead of 3 different colors, you'll have the choice of... 10.

Cistern variants

A few of the various cisterns' finishes

And all that in 3 different soda can formats so that your layout doesn't look like a 6-pack fresh out of the fridge. So the total number of combinations you'll be able to create is... big.

You should be able to set up truly great industrial environments mixing the elements of the PDF set together with your other WarStages elements.

And of course, with a little bit of creativity, you can easily use these elements to build other structures. The quantities of colors you get here means that you can do A LOT of different objects and set-ups that will work well together.

One guy in the team also came up with a nifty centerpiece that could be perfect to make some sort of capture-the-flag objective. It's a raised platform with a broken column in the middle. I'm sure you can find lots of uses for it. For example, among the Cathedral Freebies are the Command Interface computer consoles: you could put one or two on the column so that it acts as an important control terminal that you need to activate but that is located right under enemy fire.

Broken Column

We wanted to show you more images of this in this update, but we are waiting for a few items to come back from the printer, so we'll make another special update with more photos in the next 10 days.

In the end, the PDF is an amazing deal. It will most likely be more than 80 pages! It is so good that we will most likely sell it in our webshop at some point, either as a PDF or maybe as a fully printed, pre-cut set.

But only you are getting it for free. And since it's a PDF, you can print and build as many elements as you want with it. This is one helluva deal :)

Since the files for this are going to be big, we are going to split the PDF in several smaller documents that we will upload one after another in the coming weeks. This way, you’ll have time to start building stuff instead on getting everything at once and suffocating under an overload of goodies.

Last Tweaks

Since the WarStages Cathedral files were mostly ready for printing, one of our biggest job these last 2 months has been to go over everything once again, play-testing WarStages with the TGG game and making many nearly invisible adjustments.

We've simplified the assembly of some elements and very slightly resized some parts to make moving minis inside the Cathedral and the Daedalus easier.

We also increased the compatibility of some complex parts. For example, some of the floor elements on the higher floors around the Cathedral main entrance had very specific shapes, making them hard to re-use elsewhere. We slightly reworked that to make them easier to use in other configurations.

DIscussing WarStages

We also created the few very specific parts that were needed for the Large and Extra Large models of the Cathedral.

We reworked the structures around the large porches so that these gigantic doors have a better stability on your game table, especially if you want to use them as stand-alone with a minimum quantity of walls around them.

There were tons of adjustment like that, it would be too long to list them all.

In the end, all of this will be mostly invisible, but will greatly enhance your experience with your Cathedral and Daedalus.

Freebies Re-skin and New Freebies

As promised, we re-skinned some of the freebies or turned them into different objects so you don't end up with tons of the same accessories. You'll get the crates in various different colors, just like we did for the containers in the PDF.

But since there was so many of them, we've simply replaced a few with other accessories.

So you are getting a least 4 completely new freebies:

A Stone and Gold Sarcophagus

Although its finish is completely in sync with the other elements of the Cathedral, we've designed this sarcophagus so that you can use it whether you are a SciFi or a Fantasy gamer.


An Arcade Game Cabinet

Even Sisters have to chill out sometimes, so what's better than a furious game of Space Nuns to blow off some steam? With its 80's retro feel mixed with the Sisters’ Gothic aesthetics, you get another cool piece of furniture to equip a recreation room in your gothic daedalus. Or maybe even Arthenia VI, the Archpapess, has got one in her private apartments for when she's in the mood for some rad retro-gaming?

This image is a work-in-progress, the perspective effect cannot be rendered correctly on this flat image. 

Space Nuns video arcade

A Church Pew

This was truly needed. It will make a great addition for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy gamers. And to make sure you've got enough of these if you want to dress up a large part of your cathedral with them, we will also put it in the PDF file so you can make more if needed.

A Church Pew

A Relic / Resurrection Pod

A pod that stands up that you can place against a wall, like a cyber version of the Sarcophagus. When a resurrection procedure doesn’t work as planned, the body of the deceased is preserved in a special kind of pod. Sometimes the soul can be recaptured in the body, sometime not. In that case, if the deceased is a very special character like a saint, he or she can become an animated relic. You’ll probably discover what a relic is in TGG3… a truly frightening sight to behold.

Prototype Cutting

Before the end of the month, we will receive a set of prototypes to test for assembly. It will be just blank cardboard, but it will allow us to verify all the changes we’ve made so that we can correct any defective element. Honestly, we don’t think there will be any change to make, but better safe than sorry...

Building the Other Cathedrals

This will also allow us to build the Large and Extra Large Cathedrals. This is going to be pretty epic! We will make photos of this so you can get a better feel of the biggest versions of these monsters :)

We’ll be sending you the first download link(s) for the PDF file(s) during the week-end. You will be receiving a message with the link(s) directly from Kickstarter messaging.

13 Responses

William Davidsson
William Davidsson

April 09, 2018

It’s been a while now, any news about the pledge manager?
I got the PDFs (excellent stuff there!!) but nothing about the pledge manager yet.

George Gard
George Gard

May 11, 2018

I was a late backer.

1. Do I have access to the stretch freebies?
2. Can I utilize the pledge manager in the same way as backers? Will I need to do anything special for this?

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

March 12, 2018

Hi guys,
We wanted to send you the first files over the week-end, but ran into a slight delay with the upload.
Working on it now, coming later today.

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

March 12, 2018

@Brian Grant: No worries. This is by NO means the final product: this is our hand-made prototype, which has truly gone to hell and back :)
This is noting comparable to the final product in terms of longevity and robustness.

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

March 12, 2018

@Daishi: You made our day! THANKS!!! Your thoughtful and supportive words are a crucial part of the Kickstarter process for us: creating projects takes a lot of energy, and your feedback definitely help replenish it!

@douglasPaul:Thanks for saying so, we truly love to hear this!

@Scott: Definitely loving your list! We already had this idea of creating several different games. To keep this manageable, we have to find a way to make the cabinet assembled so that the video screen and the top banner can be switched as separate parts. Working on it!

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

March 12, 2018

@Charles: I have replied directly to you via email, but here’s the gist of it:
There will be no issues, as we will combine the funds from both systems. You will have them show in your account in the Pledge Manager as a Store Credit, which you will allocate to the Cathedral and Add-ons of your choice. And if you want to pick up more items (or upgrade again), you will be able to apply your Store Credit your selection, and pay for the additional amount at the same time, should that be the case.

In any case, we are an email away if there’s a problem, and you can depend on us to work things out!

Regarding the had cut-off date, that is definitely something we are considering.

brian grant
brian grant

March 12, 2018

how much use has the card in the group photo had. the floor tile looks dog eared in the closest corner.


March 11, 2018

If you remember, you let people upgrade their pledges after the KS ended. I myself upgraded from a small to a Medium.
Please can you confirm there will be NO issues for people who did this in the Pledge manager? Will our updated pledge and associated extras be properly assigned to us?

Also I think you should have a hard cutoff date for the pledge manager, or just default people’s orders to what they pledged for…rather than let them hold the rest of us hostage… >_<


March 10, 2018

I love the arcade game cabinet!!!!:) you are so crazy!!! It’s so cool
can’t wait to see more picture.
Thank for this up date


March 10, 2018

Thanks for the “Space Nuns” console! Its going to make a lot of appearnaces on my tables! I love arcades, especially for the tabletop, and might need several with different games haha! Space Nuns, Space Nuns II, Revenge of the Iron Empire, Angry Jailbirds, ..
The list just writes itself!


March 10, 2018

Ok this update…this…is exactly showing why I love to back your prjects^^
It shows that you are a) near us, the backers and b) that you’re only human beings too instead of machines ;)

Also I love like you’re Players like us and understand why this and that would be better (in this case: other “Skins” for Containers, extra nice new freebies ,etc…)

So long story short: thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for going the extra mile for us and for make every Kickstarter with you an incredible journey with sooo many suprises after the campaign ended^__^

peter szitarity
peter szitarity

March 09, 2018

Thank you for the update.


March 09, 2018

Having purchased the Large Cathedral I can’t wait to recieve the PDFs and the final items. So excited.

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