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May 27, 2018 3 min read 4 Comments

Dear TGG2 Backer,

This is a very quick and simple update to let you know that all remaining rewards are on or about to be on their way now. The very last remaining parcels are scheduled to be sent in the next two weeks.

Metal minis, done!

All metal has been cast, packed and most of it is currently travelling your way. The last few remaining shipments will leave our office between Monday and Wednesday.

So yes ALL THE METAL SHIPMENTS ARE TAKEN CARE OF unless you might still be waiting for your Altar of the Succubi too. In that case, don't worry it is nearly done too (read below).

As mentioned earlier, we have added a Certificate of Authenticity with your metal minis. It gives you a detailed listing of your minis and their level of rarity. You’ll see that the TGG2 metal miniature set is indeed a very exclusive collectible one as the minis were cast in very small numbers and it is very likely that we won’t ever produce them in metal again.

There are several reasons for this, one of them being that the price of metal makes the manufacturing of these minis very expensive. So not only did you get a super exclusive Limited Collector Edition but you also got it at a ridiculously low price since you got them the for the price of their resin counterparts. All in all, a pretty awesome killer deal.

Altar of the Succubi

Many, many Altars of the Succubi have already been sent and if you are still waiting for yours, we are just waiting for the last few casts to arrive at the office. This gigantic demonic contraption of a mini requires spinning 12 different moulds to make a single full cast!

We all thought the total production would be faster, but truth be said, it’s been a big undertaking and a lot of production work. 

All the Altars have now been cast. The last few casts are currently being broken down and checked out and then will be packed in separate kits to be sent to us. The foundry has confirmed that we’ll have all the casts at our office in about 10 days. 

We already had a very large box coming in at the office Friday and the very last shipment from the foundry will be made most likely on this coming Wednesday. 

So just a few days after, they will arrive at our office, we'll pack the last parcels and ship them.

And so, well that’s nearly it for TGG2!

All that will be missing is the Artbook. As we said many times earlier, we are combining TGG1, 2 and 3 into a single Artbook, so that will be coming later.

As for your miniature Rewards: if you have any questions or issues, or haven’t received your rewards yet and think you should have, please contact us directly at so we can assist you quickly.

So let's have a party in the next update!

We’ll have a formal “end of KS” update next time, where we’ll recap many things that have been done throughout the TGG2 adventure.

We’d like to make it some sort of celebration. One of the things we’d like to do is to showcase what YOU have done with your minis. It would be awesome if you would send us pictures of your TGG2 minis, painted or not, in your glass cabinet, or on the battlefield, whatever you like!We would love to display your work! Please send them to our usual email:

We'll also gather some other cool stuff to share with you for this last TGG2 event, like behind the scene anecdotes, crazy stats, unpublished images, etc. 

You made it all possible!

Once again we want to thank you: you gave us the means to bring our vision to reality!

TGG2 was a seriously big and challenging project. It has been very challenging on many sides on our end and we know it has also been challenging for your patience. We do believe, however, that thanks to your support, we’ve been able to create something groundbreaking, a full range of miniature that looks like nothing that has ever been done before.

As you know we are now focussing our attention on our game and we think this is gonna be groundbreaking too!

So if you like your Raging Heroes minis, you will be in for a serious treat soon as the TGG Game is going to bring them to life in awesome ways…

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts and stay tuned for the next big thing!

4 Responses

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

May 28, 2018

Excellent question: yes indeed, we are already working on it, and we’ll notify the backers when it’s done in a TGG2 Update.
The files will also be available on this page:

Todd M Ferrullo
Todd M Ferrullo

May 28, 2018

Are there any plans to post some assembly instructions for miniatures such as the Spider Mother and Yscarloth, the Harvester of Flesh?

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes

May 28, 2018

The info is in the Update above, my friend :)

Troy Stubblefield
Troy Stubblefield

May 28, 2018

What’s happening with the art books?

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