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February 17, 2018 5 min read 2 Comments

Dear Backers,

So this is it... The very last TGG2 miniature has finally come to life!
I'm not sure the term “miniature” is appropriate, though...

The Altar is here !!!

We haven't received one yet but the foundry sent us these pictures and the very first casts have left their workshop and are heading our way.

I'm not sure what else to say about this, I think the pictures tell much more than what I could write...

This piece is really something out of this world...


What about the metal heroines?

Now that the biggest part on the Altar production is done, the foundry team can better assess what is coming next and what's the best way to finish what's left. We have a meeting planned early next week to get into the details of their production schedule on the Altar and on the metal heroines. We'll get back to you with more precise info as soon as we have it.

Now that the Altar has moved into production, the metal heroines are becoming the foundry's main focus. The key thing to determine on the metal heroines production is how we work with existing moulds and / or create new ones based on the exact quantities needed for each heroine.

Since during the last few months a noticeable amount of “metal backers” have asked us to get their heroines in resin, the quantities of casts needed for each minis have been changing all the time. So we need to redo a final count of the quantities to determine exactly how many of each mini will be manufactured. It will be done during that meeting and the plan is that the foundry can begin the manufacturing process right afterwards.

There is a fairly good chance that we won't release the metal heroines to the regular market, so the moulds will be made only for you the TGG2 backers. This is a good thing for you because it means that we should be able to organize the moulds in a way that aims for very small runs and thus make the mould-making process shorter.

It also means that these minis will be real collectors! It means that none of them will be made into more than 250 copies. In fact, most of them will get less than 100 copies made!


All the parcels have been sent

If your rewards selection didn't contain metal heroines or the Altar of the Succubi, your parcel has now been sent or is on its way. If you haven't received it in the next few days, don't hesitate to contact us.

Pledge Manager: Last chance to Get Awesome Discounts!

This is it: the TGG2 pledge manager will close for good on Monday night, February 19! We may however allow a few more hours to adjust for time differences and in case of special circumstances.

For one final time, you can take advantage of some truly amazing prices because in most cases the deal you get is better than originally anticipated.

In the exemples below, you can see how much some final retail prices were underestimated at the time if the Campaign.  First you can see the Estimated Discount that was announced during the campaign (Kickstarter price compared to retail price estimation), then the Final Discount (Kickstarter price compared to final retail pricing)

These are just a few examples (some of them won't be available to the general public before a few more months):

Avatar of Shaah:   Estimated discount: 35%    Final discount: 55%

War Pulpit:   Estimated discount: 43%     Final discount: 62%

Regular Sisters:   Estimated discount: 42%    Final discount: 60%

Altar of the Succubi:   Estimated discount: 30%    Final discount: 50%

Maleezariah:   Estimated discount: 43%    Final discount: 57%

Daughters of the Crucible / Orphanage:   Estimated discount: 32%    Final discount: 50%




It is always very delicate to estimate the final retail pricing when launching a Kickstarter campaign. So many things can happen that affect the final product pricing. Just the price fluctuations between Dollars and Euro can completely change the final pricing of the products.

But in the case of TGG2, the biggest change has been some kits ending up being much, much larger than we originally anticipated. However we decided that since you were the people who supported this project from the start, you should not be affected by any price changes. And so the deal you got became better and better. The amount of money you saved is pretty epic!

To celebrate the end of the TGG2 campaign and to thank you again for your great patience and trust, we decided to re-open the pledge manager one last time. It has been open for the last 2 weeks and will be closing forever on Monday February 19 at midnight.

However, please keep in mind that if you choose to get some additional stuff, your parcel will be sent depending on stock availability. This means that you may have to wait a bit while backers who are still waiting for their original selection to be sent their way will have priority over you.


A couple more updates to come...

We are close to saying goodbye to the TGG2 campaign.

It has been a seriously amazing and challenging adventure!

One day, there is a good chance that we'll end up with a beer in a tavern somewhere to tell you more about all the crazy, scary, exciting, agonizing, fantastic stuff that made the TGG2 campaign. It would be way too long to tell here.

Just before we launched the TGG1 campaign, David Doust of CoolMiniOrNot told us: “You cannot imagine what running a Kickstarter campaign is before you experience it for yourself”.
He could not have been more right! This is one hell of a roller coaster!

But in the end, when you look at all the work, all the accomplishments, all the monsters you've slain and all the experience points you've gained, this is a pretty amazing journey!

The best reward for us is to see you assemble your Raging Heroes minis, field them in your games and see the photos of your paint jobs.

And it will be even more exciting to see you use them in the TGG Game!

We'll probably have a little wrap-up in an another update, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you once more for your support, for all the amazing messages we get everyday and for your help raising the awareness about Raging Heroes.

I also want to thank all the people who worked with us on this: the artists, the foundry, all the people in our team and the people who help us grow Raging Heroes through their blogs, Facebook pages, webzines, podcasts, etc. and all the retailers who trust us with our products.


The Next Step

The TGG Game will soon be on Kickstarter...
If you want to learn all about it, a dedicated website will launch soon at

If you want to make sure that you get notified about everything regarding TGG3, our game and anything Raging Heroes, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on Facebook.

It is only the beginning as you are about to embark on an amazing saga around the stars with this game (and many others to come) that will let you explore the many, many sides of the TGG universe...

So, safe travel to you all.

See you soon :)



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February 20, 2018

I would have loved to buy the miniatures pushing the Altar of the Succubi, they are perfect for sooooooo many projects.
As I doubt they will ever become available I guess the only choice will be to look to recasters :(

Travis Baumann
Travis Baumann

February 19, 2018

Very exciting seeing the finished Altar. I can’t wait for my final shipment with it, the Avatar and all the metal heroines.

I was just wondering about the Digital Coffee Table Art book that all pledges were supposed to get. Is that still in the works?

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