Super Moon Wolves Special Deals! Three days only: Nov. 13-15, 2016

Did you knew about this? On November 14 will be the biggest, closest and brightest Super Moon of the year. But that's not all! It's the closest Super Moon since January 26, 1948. And the Moon won't come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034!!!

So we're having very exclusive Super Moon Wolves Special Deals in our webshop! The perfect opportunity to get either some of our classic Cyberwolves (in VERY limited quantities), or all our most recent insane and unique TGG WereSheWolves for a great price! And we've also added Sniper Extraordinaire Karmina Noxx and Commander Elektra Eisenstein, as they both turn unto WereSheWolves on the battlefield!

But don't wait, because like the moon, those special deals won't be back until 2034 ;)

So it's now or never to get you some badass wolves to howl at this beautiful moon and masterfully defeat your opponents with these splendid minis!


Save 10€ on each WereSheWolf
Save 50€ on the box of 4 WereSheWolves
Save nearly 5€ on Karmina and Elektra
Save over 23€ on the box of 3 Cyberwolves
Save 6€ on each Cyberwolf
Save 7€ on the Cyberwolf Leader

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