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May 15, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

Lust Elves Flash Sale: 48 hours left! šŸ’€ TheĀ Big Ones and their Packs!

Use this discount code:Ā Lust17BeastsĀ at checkoutĀ to getĀ 17% off the following models and the packs featuring them:

-Ā Avatar of TaĆÆpahnĀ +Ā Packs
-Ā Spider MotherĀ +Ā Packs
-Ā Avatar of ShaahĀ +Ā Packs

Shaah Taipahn

Photo and paint job by Vince Venturella:
Vince VenturellaĀ 
Photo and paint job by SK Drille:
SK Drille

Applies to the Avatars of Destruction Pack!

Here's the hidden gem of this flash sale: the code also applies to the monstruous Avatars of Destruction Pack featuring theĀ recent releaseĀ Xeryell, Avatar of the Dominion of Hatred!

Avatars of Destruction


Painting tutorial - episode 2: the Beasts of War / OnTableTop Hobby Vlog on theĀ Avatar of TaĆÆpahn

If you missed this it:Ā here's the second episode of OnTableTop video series featuring the Avatar of TaĆÆphan! Watch John adding the final touches to this beast, a really inspiring paintjob, looking gorgeous!Ā 

avatar taipahn


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Arthur Strotz
Arthur Strotz

June 25, 2020


Would you consider to sell all your figures in the future as STL files like you do for the older HEROES Infinite Patreon files? Iā€™m pretty sure, not only me would buy them all.

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