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August 22, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

Details and previews of the new version of the Exemplar Sisters Troopers

As you might know, we have a new version of our famous Exemplar Sisters coming up. Here are more details about this exciting new revamp of one of our most successful releases ever!

TYou’ll be able to grab them at the end of August, so make sure you’re a newsletter subscriber to get a notification when they’re available!
EDit: NOW released as of Aug. 31st, 2020!

1 - Size and bulk

The miniature market has changed drastically since the Exemplars’ first release, with more massive miniatures and everything moving toward 35mm.

This new version aligns with this trend with taller and bulkier miniatures, yet still as elegant and dynamic as the original version. Many of you have been asking for a slightly bigger version of this Raging Heroes’ classic, so there you go, you’re going to love them!

2 - Easier to assemble: torso and legs attached

Along the past years, some of you mentioned in reviews and feedback that they loved the fact that our minis were very customisable but that they would sometimes find them hard or too long to assemble.That's why we decided to attach the legs and torsos together in this new version. The figurines will still be customizable, using multiple arms or heads options, but they will be easier to build!

3 - New details: heads and ornaments reworked

You'll be delighted to find brand new details everywhere, as we reworked the sculpts for this new version! First of all: the heads. We've redone the faces, gave them new haircuts, and also added tiaras with chalice or fleur-de-lis details.

A lot of touch ups and ornaments have been added. Their skirts are longer and more flowing, giving them more presence. Some of the sisters got added patterns at the rim of their robe, new ornaments have been added everywhere, like fleur-de-lis and chalice details and also much needed grenades. Finally we gave them new sleeves to add a slightly more medieval feel, and visually complementing the size and shape of their shoulder amours.

4- A flying minion in the box

We’ve also added a flying minion in the box that looks like some kind of Cherub designed by Hieronymus Bosch:

5 - New Characters! 

Last but not least: two brand new characters have been added to the Sisters of Eternal Mercy’s army! You'll find a new Cannoness and a new Standard Bearer to lead your force to the battle.

These two awesome looking models are full of details and attitude. 

This release is the first of a series of new Sister Models coming up in the coming months


More Exemplar images:

Now released!


2 Responses

Jayden J
Jayden J

August 25, 2020

Im definantly one of those that was looking forward to an upscaled model, mostly to make painting easier. but i cant help be a little disappointed in the redesign, they are still nice but your push for more bulk i think is a bad call. after already thickening them out youve added larger robes and extended sleeves which (imo) takes away from the shape of the figure, no matter how dynamic you try to be. you arent GW, i dont want to buy GW models.

Erik Elenström
Erik Elenström

August 25, 2020

They look much cooler especially the with the bulk and slevs.

They would look even better if they didn’t have extrem stiletto shoes. It’s hard enough to walk on a flat surface with stilettos not to mention running in tough terrain.
They would look so mutch better if they had proper combat boots like the TGG1 or the Vancisers.

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