March 28, 2019

Sometimes our characters come to life not only on the gaming table: here's another awesome cosplay story featuring Arthenya VI.

Model available here!

Photo credits: Raquel Zaldivar / Chicago Tribune

In case you missed that, Monica from Geeks a Gogo was featured last Monday in an article and vlog of the Chicago Tribune for her cosplay of our Sisters Archpapess, Arthenya VI, as she was competing for the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay:

She will be the obscure Arthenya VI, a kind of Elizabethan priestess from a French tabletop war game. To do this, she wrote the company and asked for their designs; incredibly, they obliged (and even sent their 3-D renderings). She sketched the costume; she spent six months testing and sourcing materials. She bought a 3-D printer for parts.

Photo credits: Raquel Zaldivar / Chicago Tribune

The journalist follows her in a step-by-step transformation on the day of the competition. If you want to learn more about this project:

Congrats to Monica for the huge work on this impressive costume!

Arthenya VI cosplay
Photo credits: Raquel Zaldivar / Chicago Tribune

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