Winners of the second Sweepstakes!

We are really pleased to finally announce the winner of our Second Raging Heroes Sweepstakes:

It is Martin Przybylek, from Germany!

In his own words, after being notified that he was the winner:
"I am soo happy right now :) You guys are great! Best customer service and best minis!"

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and your sharing: we gained almost 400 new Likes on our Facebook page with this Sweepstakes and many new Facebook Friends for Asharah Raging as well.
And since for every 2 Likes, we added an additional Euro to the prize, Martin won 200 Euros worth of Raging Heroes miniatures.

So what did he get himself?
1 x Blood Vestals (Command Group) - Fantasy
4 x Blood Vestals (Troops) - Fantasy
1 x Blood Vestals Command - SF (Standard Edition/metal)
1 x Blood Vestals Troops - SF (Standard Edition/metal)
1 x Brunhilde with Shield on War Steed
1 x Eleriel & Alaniel 28mm - Standard Bearers
1 x Skaarlys

But that's not all!

As you know, Sweepstakes participants could share the Sweepstakes with their friends. Many of you took this opportunity, and one person went above and beyond the call of duty: Kevin Berhendt, also from Germany, had 7 contacts enter the Raging Heroes Sweepstakes.
We thought this was worthy of a prize, so we created a brand-new prize category called Runner-Up, and awarded him 75 Euros worth of RH minis.

What he said: "Thank you, I can't believe it!". Don't yet know what he'll pick...
What he chose:
1 x Blood Vestals Command - SF (Collector's Edition/resin)
1 x Skaarlys
1 x The von Königsmark Limited Edition Box

We will get another Sweepstakes started up in the near future, but right now, we're focussing on the upcoming Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter...

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