The Mantis are shipping !!

July 06, 2012

We are currently furiously packing piles of Preying Mantis to all of you around the world who pre-ordered them.

To help you wait for just a few more days while they are traveling to your mailbox, here's a series of pics that, we hope, will make you crave them a bit more...

The photos below are from the resin casts, but frankly, the metal version is just as stunning. If we can find the time, we'll try to post some pics of the metal versions as well.

If we were to choose between metal and resin for ourselves, our choice would be made based on the material properties rather than on the definition of the cast, as they are so similar in that regard. Metal (the Standard Edition) will suit those who prefer a more heavy and sturdy miniature in hand, while resin (the Collector's Edition) will make for easier gluing and converting options.

3 photos below, and more images here...

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