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A bit more info on the Phoenix

July 28, 2011 1 min read

Phoenix heads

So, what can we tell you about this Phoenix? Well, here are our plans (note that they can still change or evolve):

The miniature will most likely be a resin kit. Maybe a bit bigger than our Manticore because of its great fire wings.

Its pose should allow for a rider, so that you can use it instead of a mounted dragon or a griffin for example. To tell the truth, we picture this phoenix ridden by a sumptuous Elven Queen that would be none other than Eleriel and Alariel's mother.

On the above picture, you can see various sketches for the Phoenix head.

But what you may also like is that this mini will be available in a second version: By changing its head and tail, you'll get… a terrifying Cocatrice!

So let the suspense last a little bit more… We will tell you more and show you some great concept art in the next few days.

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