TGG1 - UPDATE #105 – Shipping Update + TGG2 Kickstarter FINAL HOURS + Videos + WereSheWolves 3D Prints

Shipping Update

Everything is printed, and casting is moving well. Check out What's in each wave to see where we're at. We will continue to update this page regularly.

News from the spin-cast resin foundry

We received last week several videos from the foundry - this is how we first review the initial master casts for new models, and everything pretty much was approved for production.

We also received new physical prototypes in the mail last week for approval, which as granted.

The foundry is continuing to cast the full volume of troops to fulfil the entire Kickstarter, and I've got new packers in every day assembling them in bags of 5...

The foundry has also started casting the Cyberzombies, the Artilleries, and new resin Heroines.

And from the metal foundry...

We also in the past weeks, we also received 3 heavy boxes of metal to complete our metal Heroine casts. We now have Aleksandr Kurganov (KST), Kiki Bulldozer (JB) and the fabulous Nepharya (IE). We should be sent Baba Yaga, the final one, by the end of the week.

Wave 3 Shipments are continuing

As new models come in, we are continually sorting and preparing the Rewards Selection that are becoming complete, so shipping notices are going out every week.

The Connoisseur pledge/add-on

The very last 28mm heroines are  being worked on now. 

But we had an unexpected technical problem with the master of Nepharya. The original master that we used for metal and spincast resin turned out to be hard to work with for Hand-Poured Resin. In some very rare occasions, the way a mini is split in several parts has to be different depending on the type of material it will be cast in. So we are reprinting the problematic parts and it will be sorted very quickly.

Once we have all the 28mm heroines in hand-poured resin, we will then get a nice packaging for them, and ship that out.

Nepharya 54mm and the Printed Art Book will be shipped out separately, unless you ask us otherwise.

The Artbook

As mentioned in Update #95, we asked you if we should wait until the minis are painted before producing the Artbook, and your answer was a firm yes. We may not have every single one of them, but we'll feature as many as we can without delaying the project too much. We now have 3 painters working on them, so the work is moving well, and we'll show you more of those in our next Update.

Our TGG2: Darkness & Light KICKSTARTER is NOW in its FINAL HOURS! 

The TGG2 Kickstarter is coming to an end and it is still going strong. We just passed the $700,000 mark and we have TONS of unlocked stretch goals BOTH in SciFi and Fantasy. See our TGG2 Pinterest Board for images.
Click to access loads of TGG2 images
Click to access loads of TGG2 images


At this point you can get:

  • $250+ of FREE minis (if you pledge at Lieutenant Box Level or above)
  • Since you are a TGG backer, 1 additional free heroine of your choice to choose amongst our TGG2 Kickstarter specially priced $10 Heroines (this will added in at Pledge Manager time)
Freebie #15 will be unveiled in just a few hours
Freebie #15 will be unveiled in just a few hours

Great Weekender Video on Beasts of War

The nice people at Beasts of War did a very cool feature on TGG and TGG2, you might want to check it out, it's pretty neat :)

This is a great show! Enjoy :)

The Ball-Joint System

We did a short video for TGG2 were we explain our ball-joint system, we thought you might want to see it:

3D Print Photos

And here are some cool pics of the WereSheWolves 3D prints. They are pretty epic!

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