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TGG2 - UPDATE #16 – New Freebie + Paypal BONUS UNLOCKS + NEW: The Add-ons (Webinars & Male Dark Elves Kits & Freebies & The Connoisseur Special)

April 07, 2015 4 min read

New Freebie: Lady Melith, Lust Elf Courtesan

By nature, the Lust Elves are shape shifter, continuously altering their form, growing or losing limbs at will, and able to move like no other living thing. Some of them use this ability as an infiltration tool to walk among humans undetected. And when they revert back to their preferred form, it is usually too late for their prey. 

Lady Melith enjoys the power plays and intrigues that fill the Humans corridors of powers. Haunting ceremonies, balls, and festivities, she uses her otherworldly charms to seduce even the most hermetic, until she lets her mask down and terror seizes their heart.

The Paypal Option

As mentioned earlier, we have now created our Paypal Pledge page, for those who prefer to use Paypal for pledging.

And on the Comments Thread, we saw that Justin Christensen very kindly explained to fellow backers why the Paypal option is there, etc.:

"For people not understanding the paypal thing:

Some people wanted the paypal option because you can link paypal directly to your bank account, so it is a way to pledge if you don't have a credit card.

The paypal pledges will not show up on the kickstarter tally, as they are not part of kickstarter. Because of this it is impossible to make the EB (Early Birds) function work with the paypal pledges. So no EBs with Paypal.

Due to the paypal pledges not showing in the kickstarter tally, the folks at Raging Heroes will be unlocking things via 'bonus unlocks', based on the amount pledged. So the paypal pledges are helping with unlocks, just in a different way. That is a good thing, as last time they didn't count toward unlocks at all.

So we will still have our stretch goals here, as well as an increasing number of bonus unlocks via the paypal tally."

Thanks Justin!!

Paypal Bonus Unlocks

We launched the Paypal optionyesterday, and things are moving very well! So, again, we're going to trust our backers to come through! Based on what's already come in, we've made an estimate of what's to come and decided to immediately unlock 5 new Stretch Goals instead of waiting for the funds to come in hour by hour.


In this Kickstarter, you have the possibility to pledge for Add-ons. They are additional Rewards that you can also pick from. We are listing all the add-ons at the bottom of the Campaign page. Here are the ones we have prepared for you:

Webinars Add-On

Like with TGG1, we will be streaming a live Webinar about Designing and Sculpting 3D miniatures. From the feedback we received last time, people really enjoyed the content we provided, so we thought it would be cool to do it again this time. It will be presented by Jean-Romain, our Sculpt Supervisor, and Benoit, our Art Director. Benoit has been a teacher in a VFX school and delivered talks at prestigious international conferences, so he's quite used to demonstrate and explain to an audience that is not necessarily well-versed in the topics covered.

The webinars will be delivered in 2 segments of 2h30 hours each, for a total of 5 hours. Although last time, the 5 hours, ended up closer to 8 hours, actually :)

Male Dark Elves Add-Ons

For several years now, Raging Heroes' signature has been female characters. But as we develop our world and our games, it is obvious that make characters will also have a place there. And by popular request, here is a first step towards this evolution.

We are now adding four expansion kits to customise your Dark Elves Troops:

  • Light Troopers heads and torsos: 5 male heads and 5 light-armoured torsos compatible with the Spearmen/Crossbowmen/Swordsmen.
  • Light Command Group heads and torsos: 3 Champions male torsos and 3 male heads compatible with the Spearmen/Crossbowmen/Swordsmen.
  • Heavy Troopers heads and torsos: 5 male heads and 5 heavy-armoured torsos compatible with the Halberds/Long Swords/Draahks Riders.
  • Heavy Command Group heads and torsos: 3 Champions male torsos and 3 male heads compatible with the Halberds/Long Swords/Draahks Riders.

Freebies Add-Ons

As in TGG1, you are now also able to add Freebies to your pledge, either because you want more than one, or because your pledge does not grant you the Freebies pack (below Lieutenant Box Pledge). We'll update this image on the front page as we unveil the remaining Freebies.

The Connoisseur Special Add-on

We have also planned a very special add-on for those of you who want the most exclusive stuff... Please keep in mind that this is an add-on. You can pledge for this and choose No Rewards, and you'll be able to assign your funds to this add-on, or you can increase your Pledge (or jump to a higher Pledge Level, which gives you more funds to play with) to cover the cost of this Connoisseur Reward.

This add-on will contain the following:

  • The webinars (see above for details).
  • A signed and numbered PRINT edition of the TGG2 Artbook.
  • An exclusive set of TGG2 miniatures in high-quality hand-poured resin staged in 7 dynamic dioramas on specially design scenic bases and terrain pieces (details below)

We call this an exclusive set because we will be taking the miniatures listed below and flip their sculpts. This means that their right side becomes their left side. And so, you get a special version of these miniatures that won't be available anywhere else in this Kickstarter but in the Connoisseur Special Add-on. 

The full set will come complete with a special numbered and signed certificate. 

There will be 7 dioramas in total, showcasing 30 Heroines and Troopers in full action. And some of the minis will actually be slightly different than what is otherwise available in the Kickstarter, as their poses, accessories and expressions will be reworked to fit the action of the scene in the most effective way.

We'll provide more details on this in our next Update. 

New Concepts + Pinterest

Here are new images of concepts in larger size. We are continuing to update our TGG2 Pinterest board as well, where you'll find loads of TGG2 images all in one place to see and share them easily.

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