TGG2 - UPDATE #7 – Open for Interviews + New Freebie - Raging Heroes

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TGG2 - UPDATE #7 – Open for Interviews + New Freebie + the Birth of a Concept + More Portrait Requests + Large Images on Pinterest Board

March 31, 2015 4 min read

It's interview time!!

For the next 24 hours, we will quickly respond to most interview requests for blog, podcast, webcast, newsletter who wish to feature Raging Heroes, TGG1, TGG2, and can ensure publication by this coming Monday!

To save time, our responses will be made in audio or video form rather than in writing.

So, got some questions? Want some insider info? As long as you can guarantee some eyeballs to propel the campaign forward, get in touch! Simply contact us at with a link to your media. To save time, you can also include questions directly in your email.

Let's spread the good word and get new backers! We've got Stretch Goals to unlock!!!

7th Freebie Unveiled: Rythali-in, Expiatrix

Repentant sinners are often rigged with weaponised pillories and dispatched to the front lines of the battlefield to see if they have earned the chance to be forgiven. Expiatrixes like Rythali-in are at their side to make sure they stay in line and do their penance...

The Birth of a Concept (an Interview with Raging Heroes' Art Director)

Most of our characters or creatures begin with a simple idea, a fairly general description. It can be an emotion, a personality trait, or a simple sketch.

From there, I begin to do research. I spend a lot of time on the Internet visiting sites like Pinterest, or rummaging through my personal archives. From this research I assemble what is called a mood board. It brings together a large number of images. Some refer to the shapes of the creatures and characters, others have a more vague link but will inspire me for various aspects of the new miniature.

The Worm Riders Inspiration

For example, to create the Worm Riders, I began from several very specific ideas. First, I wanted these creatures to have a look that would be related to monster drawn by medieval artists like Brueghel, Durer or Martin Shoengauer. The engraving of the Temptation of St. Anthony by Martin Shoengauer was one of my key references. 

I wanted these creatures to be like a giant kind of worm combining elements inspired from dragons, sea monsters and demons as they were represented in the 15th -16th centuries. I also referred to the art of Hieronimus Bosh, who depicted a large number of fantastical creatures.

These artists were among the firsts to depict the fantastic bestiary that has served as inspiration for most of the fantasy creatures that we all know today.

Finally I looked for strange animals like deep sea fish, or a small salamander (axolotl) whose gills are on the outside, as well as lampreys and even microscopic animals.

The general idea that guided the search for the Worm Rider references was to imagine predators that would have some sort of a shark head combined with a worm body and various freakish appendages. On top of that base would be added all the other elements described above.

Getting to the final concept

After I've gathered all of these references, I scribble a few sketches or a do a mock-up in Photoshop or just write down a description and I send that to Alex, our concept artist. Often, after one drawing, the concept is already there. Other times, the process is slower and we work closely together: he'll send me new drawings, I'll edit them or give some feedback then send them back, he'll work on them again, and on and on we go, back and forth until we get it right.

The work is almost always done in this manner. For example for the Minions, these cute little demons who accompany the Sisters, we used illustrations from Brueghel and Jerome Bosch as inspiration to create our own little characters.

For the Altar of the Succubi, I wanted the effect of a swarm of harpies surrounding the giant vehicle and creating a strong, surreal composition. To provide Alex with some inspiration on how to arrange the harpies, I looked to Gustave Doré's many woodcuts featuring clouds of angels in tormented skies. It helped him to instantly get were I was going.

For Heroines and other key characters however, the work is often even longer and also more complex. I do a lot of research to find the physical features and accessories that will enhance their personality. In the case of the mascots for example, I compiled a huge number of animals pictures as well as cartoon references to be able to find expressions that would make Vladimir and Tobias at the same time cute, funny and aggressive (you'll find about them very soon...). For with such characters, everything matters: body shape, facial expressions, body language, and more. It often takes several iterations to get that kind of character right.

More Backer Portraits!

You have been sending us your backer portraits, and they are a joy to read! Keep' em coming, getting to know you is absolutely great! We'll start sharing some very soon!

If you haven't done so, why not complete this survey and tell us a bit about who you are? As noted yesterday, we particularly want to hear about your unusual experiences / career choices / life events. We're curious to learn more about you, and we'll share that through blog posts and other articles.

Direct Survey link:

Large TGG2 Images on one of our Pinterest Boards

We've now opened a Pinterest board featuring the TGG2 images. We will continue to populate it every day, so you can see large TGG2 images all in one place, and share them easily.

The TGG2 Pinterest board is here:

Here are some of them:

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