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December 06, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Yesterday was ‘fried-brains’ day and there was a bit of a mess up. I know you’ve all had some of those days, right after a crazy crunch deadline ;)

Yes, many more stretch goals should have been unlocked, and this post corrects the situation!!!

Are you ready? Cue the celebratory music…

Here goes…


I wish I could figure out how to make this news flash, and have little snowflakes fall all over the page!!!!

Check out this map of Stretch Goals:

Excited? Share this campaign!!!

Road Map

The road map is simple: One new Stretch Goal gets Unlocked every additional $2000 in total funding.

Now, we know how it goes. Every campaign starts with a rush, slows down in the middle, and most of the time, picks up at the end. 

This is where the Social Media and Other Stretch Goals come in. We will sprinkle them along to make sure the campaign keeps moving forward and so that YOU can help unlock more cool stuff! 

At time of writing, the funding just passed $32 000:

That means 16 Unlocks right here! 

But wait, there’s more!

And we have 2 social media goals (see update xx):

  • Get up to 1000 members to our Facebook Group: This one still needs some love here, it has not been reached yet…

So that’s a 17th Unlock right here!

Now, please note that there is a delay before the Main page of the campaign can be updated, as it requires manual intervention from the MMF crew, and this, after all, is the week-end!!!!

But these first 17 Unlocks are a go, you can take that to the bank!

Behind the scenes

After 2 final weeks of intense preparation culminating in an unplanned last minute switch to move the project to a new platform that had to be developed in one week, followed by the awesome adrenaline rush of the launch results of the campaign, the whole team woke up yesterday in a total state of blur. 

That combined with the weekend timing and so some team members were on a well-deserved break. And our new marketer began his first week with us right before the start of the campaign: he hit the ground running, but still needs some OK’s from us, which we were in no good shape to give. It’s also a bit unwieldy right now that to update the main campaign page, everything needs to be hand-coded and requires the coordination of several different people from our team as well as to have the MMF crew on deck. Mistakes and miscommunications were surely bound to happen… and, well, they did ;)

So this is our bad :( Yesterday’s unveiling of the unlocked stretch goals was completely messed up. This Update fixes that!! 

But the campaign page is not updated yet, and while it will happen soon, there is nothing we can do about it at this point. Just hang tight, the updated images and posts will show up there too.

Just bookmark our AWC Blog as the most current source of information on Stretch Goals until the main campaign page is updated. This will happen no later than Monday morning.

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December 07, 2020

I would like to know what print bed size things are cut, this because of presupport and you stating that smaller prints may prehibit certain elements from functioning properly. Please reply

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