AWC Update #05 - Let’s Get Together! - Raging Heroes

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December 06, 2020 1 min read

You may have noticed that the campaign on MyMiniFactory doesn't have chat or commenting features... yet. 

That’s because this whole crowdfunding platform was built expressly for the launch of A Wizard’s Christmas, and MMF has still more features planned in the future.

As we push along this exciting campaign with you, we want to make sure that you can engage with us and speak to other backers too.

So come on down and join our private Facebook Group now! You’ll get approved very quickly unless we're offline!

And once you're in, you can meet new friends... Share what you plan to print first... Tell which family member you plan to convert over to 3D printing... Maybe tell us why the tiara could well be must-have...

The group's already nearly 1000 members after just a short week.

And as soon as we hit 1000 members, we will unlock a new stretch goal... 

So come, join in, bring friends, talk with everyone, and hey, let's add more rewards to the Wizards pledge!

Christmas Lulu in Ball

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