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December 05, 2020 4 min read 2 Comments

The Artefacts of Bygone Marvels are the most amazing objects of this Christmas collection. 

Their mechanism and ornaments will thrill your imagination and amaze your friends. 

If you are a Game Master, your players will absolutely love when you give them real magical objects to examine and play with. And for everyone who loves fantasy and magic, these unique objects will make absolutely unique home decoration pieces.Have kids around? They will simply be fascinated by these astonishing objects from another time. 

Let’s discover what is the power of each one!



The Sphere of Infinite Faith

(Stretch goal - to be revealed)

Through your adventures as a Wizard, you will come across many challenges and will need a strong belief in your own destiny to face the hardship of the path of magic. As the Sphere of Infinite Faith unfolds in your hands, you can feel the angels inside restoring your faith in your own strength and fate. Use it to hold your dice and the blessing of the Sphere will bring you the right rolls and saves when you are much in need.


Discs of Unbreakable Secrets


Cyphers and Enigmas are what the studying Wizard go through everyday, trying to decode ancient texts and hidden knowledge. The Discs of Unbreakable Secrets will help you in this delicate task as its rotating mechanisms will reveal the true meaning of coded messages or help you create some yourself.


The Orrery

(Stretch goal - to be revealed)

As a Wizard, you cannot stay unaware of great cosmic events, planetary conjunctions and other phenomenons of the skies. This is why every magician learns to use an Orrery as well as many other astronomical tools. This one beautifully displays the motions of several planets and is beautifully ornamented with amazing details, like intricate engraving, supporting castle structures, and more...


Magical Frost Flower


You always need a fairy by your side! The Magical Frost Flower is a unique artefact that holds and protects a snow fairy. Turn its rotation base and the superbly ornamented flower will deploy its petals, revealing a little snow fairy ready to wave her wand at you. 


The Orb of Secrets


Keeping your spell ingredients safe is not always an easy task. The orb of secret is a discreet jewel-like pendant inside which you can store enchanted spices, magical powders, werewolf hairs, fairy dust and other delicate and small components. It is amazingly engraved and opens like a fruit to reveal sliding trap doors that will hold your precious ingredients safe.

The Miniature Sanctuary


Master Wizards of great skill and experience tend to accumulate a vast array of books, objects and scrolls that give them immense powers. But when on the go, it is impossible to access these vital resources. That’s when they use Miniature Sanctuaries: the little tower inside the globe is a manifestation of their own house. By astrally projecting inside the tower, they can access all the possessions they’ve been forced to leave inside the protective walls of their Wizards’ tower. Turn the base of the orb and watch the vines and trees of the orbs’ shell open up to reveal the miniature castle inside.


The Orb of Thorns


Whether you need a bodyguard or someone to help you carry gifts to the ones you love, the Orb of Thorns carries a powerful guardian that will come to your help in times of need. Just turn the base of the Orb and see the Gothic tracery come apart to reveal a powerful gift-bringer!


The Maze of the Dexterous


When your brain is full of complicated spells and challenging formulas, you need a tool to extract the clutter that obstructs the path of your Wizardly thoughts. This magical little maze will do just that: as you guide the little ball through the traps and circonvolutions of the maze, you’ll feel your brain become clearer as the magic power of the rolling ball takes away all the bad. The maze works even better when you bring your own little metal marble.


The Fruit of Infinite Potions

(Stretch goal - to be revealed)


It is often important to hide your most precious advantages under a common guise. An everyday object is perfect for that. And that is exactly the role of the Fruit of Infinite Potions. On the outside, it looks just like a fruit. On the inside… well, it also looks like a fruit! But each slice is in fact a little bottle that contains the right potion to take you out of harm's way at the last minute.


The Messages of Flying Secrets

Some messages are too precious to be sent without some form of protection. These magical Butterfly Keys are made just for that: Hold their top wings in your left hand and twist their bottom wings with your right hand. No you won’t hurt them, promise! Once they are properly wound up, place them between the two pages of the folded card onto which you wrote your message. Then give the card to the right person: the Butterfly Key will take flight, surprising the card’s receiver, instantly dispelling any spell he or she might have prepared.
To succeed at this spell, you’ll need to bring rubber bands and paper clips.


Size comparison

One of the wonderful aspects of 3D printing is that you can resize anything at the size you want. If you think about it, it is truly a feat of pure magic. So if you want to resize your Miniature Sanctuary so that it is not a miniature anymore… that’s possible!

However, our files come with a specific printing size. We’ve tried to come up with something that would be a good balance between the need for some objects to be big and the limitations of home printers. You can always alter the size of each file to better suit your needs. However be aware that the most complex mechanics like hinges and gears might stop working if you print them at a different size (especially smaller).

Here is a size comparison image to help you organize and make proper room on the shelves of your Wizard abode to store and display your new possessions:



2 Responses

Kay Prins
Kay Prins

December 06, 2020

Please, to what print bed size will the files be cut to print at the size suggested in this update?

Daniel Evanson
Daniel Evanson

December 05, 2020

Will any of the Angles (or other figures) be able to be tree toppers? Is there a base or something that could let them stand on top of a tree?

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