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Icariates Pack (SoEM - SF)

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Pack contains 10 Sisters Icariates.These 10 Multiparts Models are all different from each other. All parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customisation. All troopers are equiped with submachine pistols and 1 additionnal pair of flame thrower pistols.

  • 10 Sisters Icariates (SF):
    • Command Group5 different Multiparts Troopers
      • Includes 5 helmeted heads, 1 hooded head, 1 officer head and 1 officer Body part.
      • Includes accessories to make 1 officer, with Sword and pistol.

    • Troops5 different Multiparts Troopers
      • Includes 5 helmeted heads and 3 hooded heads.

NOTE: You can customise your Icariates with our classic Angel wings!

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 30mm Heroic scale: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 10 x 25mm round bases.

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