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Welcome to Raging Heroes!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our shop.
We make the best female minis of the galaxy, these will:

Well, ok this last one is a bit exagerated, but if you want a badass looking army, there is no better place!

 Sci-Fi Sisters the TGG collection Lust Elves Jailbirds


Important notice regarding the TGG2 Models:

You can't find the model you're looking for? Like Yscarloth, the Davidians, Blade Maidens or the War Pulpit? It's normal they're not released yet but don't worry they're coming, so just stay tuned here

The TGG2 collection was founded thanks to the great support of the Kickstarter backers, so for now only them got all the TGG2 models, but we are releasing this collection gradually throughout the year 2018. If you're interested, we'll send you the release dates here.

Also, make sure you don't miss our Exclusive Limited Packs, because you could find some of the unreleased models before their official release, just saying...

Ok, enough talk, enjoy your visit!