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WarStages Kickstarter

WarStages is THE scenery system you've been waiting for:
Modular as LEGO,
Epic as a Movie Set,
So Flexible that you can go from Super Massive Battles to
Skirmishes, even RPG, and everything in between!

Coming on Kickstarter in July 2017, with great Early Bird pledges, so don't miss the launch! Watch this space for more images, info, and the upcoming countdown clock...

Get this gigantic Gothic Cathedral that you can transform in a few moments into nearly everything: Fortress, Urban Ruins, Multilevel Daedalus, Sci-Fi interior ....

With the WarStages system you can play all types of games: Siege, Urban Warfare, Skirmish, Exploration, etc., with a single kit.

STUNNING: For the first time ever, your chance to get a gaming table as awesome, big, and epic as a convention center piece.

MODULAR: Make it yours! Assemble the Gothic Cathedral, reorganise its layout to your likes, or completely re-invent your own WarStages thanks to our super modular assembly system.

IMMERSIVE: Immerse yourself in a movie-like environment with loads of accessories that bring an unprecedented sense of atmosphere, scope and epicness to your games.

PRACTICAL: Easy to assemble, easy to store, no painting required.

GREAT VALUE: In our survey, you told us that you wanted great value for money, so not only are you getting the most insane gothic cathedral scenery ever at a great price, but it also has all these great qualities: super modular, infinitely customisable, epic as a convention table, immersive as a movie set, and ultra practical, quite easily giving you the best possible of bang for your buck!

Customisation, accessories, furniture

Because the WarStages is so modular, you'll be able to create a vast range of structures, rooms, and buildings. By mixing the Cathedral kit with the Gothic Daedelus Extension, you'll have at your disposal many options of open walls, closed walls, stairs, floors, etc., of all sizes and shapes to create anything you want.

You can create 3D game boards for your favorite board games, indoor/outdoor structures for skirmish and exploration games, large size city ruins, etc.
You could even use your WarStages kit as a display piece to showcase your minis in your display cabinet!

But that's not all!

On top of that, you'll have access to a wide selection of furniture and accessories like computer consoles, crates, containers, and even medical scanners, ventilation systems, and more. Each of these accessories is incredibly detailed, and combines a very elaborate gothic design with sci-fi technology.

These small elements really bring the scenery to life in a unique way.

The WarStages Concept

Modular terrains are great, but re-building everything from scratch every time you need a change is time-consuming and tedious.

 WarStages gives you a richer, more effective approach:

The WarStages system is based on two concepts: the 'Bricks' and the 'Stages'

The Bricks are small basic components: ground sections of 2x5 inches, wall sections, railings, stairs...

The Stages are structures made of these Bricks. Each Stage is a building structure that can stand on its own and has a specific function: main portal, choir, bell tower, wall section with catwalks, etc.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Use the Bricks to assemble the various Stages of your WarStages kit, like you would with large Lego bricks.

  2. Place the Stages together on the table to create your Cathedral

  3. Move the Stages around to create any other setting you might need

The full Cathedral kit is an assembly of several Stages. Put them together to make the Cathedral... or nearly anything else in just a few seconds.
This is because we have conceived each Stage in the Cathedral Kit to have a different type of architectural and gaming function: large portal, catwalk structure, wide platform, enclosing wall, etc.

Once you have these Stages ready, it's super easy to either assemble the full cathedral or organise the Stages to set up a fortress, a series of ruins, a giant gothic complex, or whatever you can think of... just by moving the various sections around.

But since the Bricks are entirely modular, you can also forget our design and completely customise or create your own. It is super easy and open even more possibilities!

Play outside, play inside the scenery you create, or even use it as a mighty skyline for your table.

Every picture you can see on this page / in our communication has been made this way with a SINGLE Gothic Cathedral kit.(In most cases less than that.)

We have assembled our Stages then moved them around to create many different set-ups, each time it took less than a minute!

On some set-ups we've added a few elements of our Gothic Daedalus extension kit to extend some of the stages with more passage ways, arches and new types of walls. This was very quick too!

The Gothic Daedalus kit is a structure kit made of another set of 'Bricks'. It is conceived to expand, complexify or connect the various stages of your Cathedral kit. You can also use it on its own to create intricate multilevel structures and even entire rooms! 

Once you'll get used to your WarStages kits, it won't take long before you invent your own Stages by mixing the WarStage Bricks your own way, creating your own vocabulary of building structures to even better match your gaming needs and your personal taste.

Big as a convention display table for a fraction of the cost.

With more than 3 linear meters (120 linear inches) of walls and towers on several level, our main kit is truly massive. The highest towers stands about 30 inches high (75cm), that's more than 20 minis standing on top of each other !

Imagine the cost of that kind of kit in Resin...

And if you want to go even more crazy, there's nothing preventing you from piling up several Stages even higher if you want to make an even more gigantic table or display! In fact, we have some pledges for that...

All of us gamers put a lot of effort in assembling, painting, converting our minis to make our armies look special. But when the minis are laid on the table, the first thing you really see is the table and the scenery. WarStages gives you a convention-looking table with minimal effort and cost so that your games will never look the same again.

With such a jaw-dropping looking table, you'll host the most memorable games and you and your friends won't get enough of it.

Compatibility with Battle Systems

With the WarStages system, we are developing epic sceneries to expand our Toughest Girls of the Galaxy world.

However, since our company will continue to focus mainly on miniatures and games, bringing all of our WarStages ideas to life will take time.

And so, to provide you with more options for your gaming tables, we reached out to the great guys at Battle Systems and, with their agreement, decided to increase both our sceneries' compatibility by using a clip/slot system similar enough to assemble parts from the two systems together with very minimal adjustments.

So when we release our games, you'll be able to combine both of our terrain products to get you lots of alternatives thanks to their great and ever growing range.


Of course, playability has been one of our main focus from the start. The infinite modularity of the WarStages components makes you certain that you can create anything you might need for your various games.
If you just follow our instruction to build the Cathedral, you end up with loads of walkways, covers, etc.
But you can even push it further and completely customise your terrain to perfectly fit the specifics of each of your games, creating more covers, labyrinthic setups, symmetric tables for tournaments, the list goes on.

And the vertical arrangement of the various levels means you get even more game space on a single table!


The kit shown in the images is a prototype created entirely by hand. It took more than 300 hours of work just to print it and assemble it! (Not to mention the conception and design which took several months.)

Which goes to show how much time and effort the WarStages kit will save you.

Because its all made by hand, you might spot a few mishaps here and there that won't be in the final product, of course.

It is also why many elements of the cathedral don't feature clips in the photos, since many Bricks are glued together on our prototype. This way, it is the opportunity for you to see the look you can achieve if you choose to glue rather than clip the Bricks together and not disassemble your various Stages, which is certainly another option available to you.