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Kahn-Urkan base

Recommendations for base and stability

Here at Raging Heroes, we've unequivocally chosen to go with exuberant-looking minis that often exceed the overall size of minis from other brands, such as Kahn-Urkan Heroic and Legendary. While it allows us to create memorable characters and pieces that stand out instantly on the battlefield, it can also be a disadvantage in terms of the stability of our models. Or, in other words: 'It looks great, but how do I avoid the risk of toppling it every time I move it around?'

Minis likely to have this type of issue are those that fit inside a unit and that are placed on a 20x20mm or 25x25mm base. The base's small size reduces the mini's stability.

To remedy this, we strongly advise you to glue the base of your mini on the equivalent of a small plastic or cardboard movement tray. This tray should be 60x40mm (for a unit with 20x20mm bases) or 75x50mm (for a unit with 25x25mm bases). The tray can thus contain 6 minis spread over 2 rows.

Place your Raging Heroes miniature at the centre of the first row and surround it with your unit's other minis. Better yet, glue an adhesive magnetic strip under the base of your mini and use a thin metal plate as a movement tray.

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