How to assemble and paint - Raging Heroes

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How to assemble and paint

How to remove a mini from its sprue

Raging Heroes minis are cast in resin and come attached to a sprue. When you have to detach the miniature from its sprue, it can sometime be intimidating because of all the gates attaching the mini to the sprue. But fear not, if you get the right tool, it is in fact fairly simple to do:


1 - To detach your miniature from its sprue, you need to use proper tools : a modelling knife with a clean blade and a modelling flat side plier cutter. Don't use a plier cutter made for electric work as the shape of the blade might break your sprue and your miniature when you use it.


cut the sprue

2 - To make sure that delicate parts don't snap and/or break when you cut the sprue, start by cutting the various sprue elements in the middle, not flat against the part itself.


cut flush against the part

3 - Once each part is completely detached from the sprue, you can now cut the remaining sprues elements flush against the part itself.


clean with modelling knife

4 - You can now use the modelling knife to clean the marks left by the sprue elements on the miniature and to remove flash or any other little defects. Always be very careful when you work with a modelling knife. Don't do like our artist on the picture and always cut away from yourself to avoid injuries.


final stage

5 - Your miniature is now ready to be glued. Please note that on many of our miniatures, we have stopped using a base tab and replaced it by a single plug under one of the feet. This gives you much more freedom in how you position your miniature. Just drill a small hole in your plastic base and insert the plug. You can also insert the plug directly into the slot of the plastic base. The plug is also very effective if you like using scenic bases or if you want to make a diorama with your miniatures.