Rythali-in, Expiatrix (Sisters - F/SF) - Raging Heroes

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Rythali-in, Expiatrix (Sisters - F/SF)

This resin mini will work for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy games. Scale is Heroic 28mm.

Rythali-in, Expiatrix + 25mm round base.

Also part of the Sisters Heroines Box 1.

Repentant sinners are often rigged with weaponised pillories, then dispatched to the front lines of the battlefield to try and earn a chance to be forgiven. Expiatrixes are at their side: they make sure repentant sinners stay in line and do their penance.

Like most Expiatrixes, Rythali-in has a very dark past and has been more than once on the receiving end of the whips she now carries. Her masked face, her spikes, her blade-covered outfit are a perpetual reminder that, even after long years of penance, a sinner of her magnitude should never be too closely approached.