Deeper Fascination Packs (LE - F/SF) - Raging Heroes

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Deeper Fascination Packs (LE - F/SF)

Choose your variant :

  • Variant A:Queen Shaah + Lady Shaah + Death Dancers + Mantis
  • Variant B:Queen Shaah + Lady Shaah + Death Dancers
  • Variant C:Queen Shaah + Lady Shaah Inc + Mantis

Queen Shaah: Standing 138 mm tall, the spellbinding and charming Queen Shaah is a powerful Lust Elf. She majestically walks into the fray to mesmerize then crush her enemies on the battlefield.

Lady Shaah: Lady Shaah radiates hypnotic scents and irresistible auras of lascivious seduction on the battlefield. Her enemies fall under her spell before she crushes them with ease and delectation.

Death Dancers Command and Troops: 10 All-Stars Death Dancers: the Command Group which includes 1 Champion, and the Troops. The Death Dancers are all different from one another.

Mantis Warriors Command and Troops: These are all different from one another, and parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customization.

Models are all finely crafted in resin. Scale is 28-35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes up to 20 x 25mm + 1 x 40mm + 1 x 50mm round bases