Iron Empire Mecha (IE) - Raging Heroes

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Iron Empire Mecha (IE)

  • 1 posable Mecha (with ball-joint system) + 1 Pilot + 3 heads options.
  • 50mm round base included with this model.

Assembly guide (pdf)


Most of the dark treasures hidden in the tombs of the Aegyptian Ancients are beyond human understanding. In the ever-changing maze of crypts buried deep below the land are countless chambers, each guarded by intricate traps and countless spells. The Iron Empire priestesses have only been able to enter a tiny fraction of these sealed rooms, and from all the artefacts recovered, they've been able to make sense of just a few of them.

And yet... These artefacts are of immense power. The Iron Empire Mechas, for lack of a better word, are part of that. It is unclear if these machines were some sort of torture devices made to send high-ranking captives to fight against their own on the battlefield, or extraordinary exo-armours for deceased great Aegyptian warriors, or perhaps even self-propelled shrines used in military and religious parades to honor the remains of legendary warriors.

Whatever the Mechas' initial purpose, the Iron Empire was able to awaken their arcane technology by plugging into them the specially prepared remains of their mightiest warriors. And so, a IE Mecha's pilot is neither dead nor undead. She is sustained in some sort of in-between state where her soul floats and merges with the machine. And the machine feeds on her past life's repressed emotions...