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Out of Hell Packs (SoEM - SF)

These packs all feature the six HELL RIDERS + our fabulous Daughters of the Crucible, but each pack is slightly different:

  • PACK ONE: All 11 Day of the DEAD Daughters + 6 Hell Riders
  • PACK TWO: 10 Day of the DEAD Daughters + 6 Hell Riders(WITHOUT Ltd Ed. Día de Muertos Esperanza Espinosa)
  • PACK THREE: 10 (Classic) Daughters of the Crucible + 6 Hell Riders

The models are:

→ The 6 Hell Riders, our 6 insane hell-spewed models:

→ The 11 DAY of the DEAD Daughters: 

  • Limited Edition Día de Muertos Esperanza Espinosa
  • All-Stars DAY of the DEAD Command Group 
    • DoD Suspiria Del Umbra (a brand-new Daughter!)
    • DoD  'Double-Dose' Misericordia
    • DoD Justicia Luz
    • DoD Paquita Baby
    • DoD 'Spookie' Pepi
  • All-Stars DAY of the DEAD Troops Box
    • DoD Cha-Cha Silencia
    • DoD 'Cookie' La Loca
    • DoD Lupita Love
    • DoD Rosario Vasquez
    • DoD 'Two-Tricks' Felicidad

 → The 10 (Classic) Daughters of the Crucible

All the models are all finely crafted in resin. The scale is 30mm Heroic Heroic: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Each Hell Rider is provided with a 50mm round base. The other models are provided with 25mm round bases.