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Terror Weavers Packs (DE - F)

SAVE with these Packs featuring the all new Shiveryah models!

Choose your Pack :
  • A: Spider Priestess Shiveryah + Shiveryah on Horroraax + 4 Spiders Heroines + Arachnites
  • B: Spider Priestess Shiveryah + 4 Spiders Heroines + Arachnites
  • C: Spider Priestess Shiveryah + 4 Spiders Heroines
  • C: Spider Priestess Shiveryah + Arachnites

The models:

  • All new Spider Priestess Shiveryah:
    Don't be fooled by her unsurpassed beauty. She is the most evil and deadly creature that has ever walked the face of this world. Some very old elves believe that she is as old as the Goddess, but forever young and beautiful in the eyes of the uninitiated.
  • All new Shiveryah on Horroraax:
    The beautiful priestess of eternal darkness rides the huge nightmare creature Horroraax, ready to scourge the world and subdue it at the feet of the Great Spider Goddess.
4 Heroines Spiders: Arachnites Chosen Warriors:
  • Rakkiiz, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Kh'mett, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Slizaarii, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).
  • Mnephira, Arachnite Chosen Warrior (DE - F).

Finely crafted in resin. Scale is 35mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames.
One 25mm base provided for Spider Priestess Shiveryah. No Bases provided for the spider's models

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