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July 05, 2016 3 min read

This is a quick Update to answer a few messages and comments we received right after Update #57, and to clarify some details about the Pledge Manager.

First thing, as we wrote often and pretty much EVERYWHERE on the latest Updates and on the Pledge Manager, make sure you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Everything is there and it is very straightforward to follow. In fact, half of the backers have already gone through the Pledge Manager without issues.

For the most common issues (such as the the onces concerning the items listed below):

  • WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING A NEW FORM TO SPEED UP the resolution of your queries. 
  • We will share it with you in our next Update, no later than Monday
  • If you've already contacted us regarding a problem concerning one of the items listed below (and have not yet had a reply), please wait for it and then, use it to get a speedy reply.


If your pledge gives you access to the Freebies, ADD the pack of Freebies to your cart. It is clearly noted in the instructions. You will know that the Freebies pack is free because the cost is $0.00.

We need you to add them yourself, because not all Pledge Levels are entitled to them.


As noted in the instructions, at Checkout, ALWAYS choose the option Pay with your Store Credit.

Do NOT click on Pay with Paypal.
NOT until you have FIRST clicked on PAY with your Store Credit.

→ First when you are about to proceed to checkout


→ Then when you are ready to pay

This is a perfect example of the technical limitations we all have to deal with. The cart supplier does not allow us to remove the 'Pay with Paypal' button that appears EVERY time you look at your cart!!! 

So please beware:

Do NOT click on Pay with Paypal.
NOT until you have FIRST clicked on PAY with your Store Credit

“WHAT if I mistakenly paid for my ENTIRE cart with Paypal instead of paying FIRST with your Store Credit?”

This is the kind of mistake that we strive to fix right away. In the next 24 hours, I will attempt to locate the people who have been affected by this and resolve their issue immediately.

If you haven't heard from me by Monday, you will be able to use the new form coming in Update #59 no later than Monday to flag this issue, and we will take care of you in priority.

“I was a TGG1 backer, how do I get my free mini?”

Oh God! This is my mistake. I completely forgot about that! We spoke with a few people on the Chat about this, and told them to put a Comment when they Checkout. But this is NOT the right way to do it.

We are NOT backing out of our commitment. But we need to implement a proper an effective solution for this.

Therefore, we will fix this AFTER the Pledge Manager is closed.

So, the answer is: Do nothing and please complete your Pledge Manager.We will come back to you with the proper procedure after the Pledge Manager is closed.

If you CANNOT ACCESS the Pledge Manager

Please review Update #57.

In Conclusion

We are sorry for any inconvenience some of you might have experienced. There is currently absolutely no software tool on the market that can properly manage a project like this one. So we have to deal with the limitations of the tools at our disposal. And this is why we have provided instructions on how the Pledge Manager works.

The good news is that for most backers, the process is absolutely seamless and simple. But for those for whom it isn't, we are here and we will make sure to resolve whatever issue you may have.

Thank you again for your support!

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