💀 Tall evil Lust Elf new release + 2 new special packs 🔥 Unleash of the Fury of the Matriarch!

Unleash The Fury of the Matriarch

Lust Elves Matriarch Malheezariah is now available!


In darkness you will fall
For the deadly beautiful,
Extreme hunger for lust and life,
Fear death from the great Matriarch...

To make things fun, we've also prepared 2 new Deals of the Week for you: Save up to 19% when get Mahleezariah + The Mantis Warriors together!

Fury of the Matriarch Pack
Mahleezariah + 10 TGG2 Mantis Warriors

Fury of the Matriarch EXTENDED Pack
Mahleezariah + 20 TGG2 Mantis Warriors

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