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February 23, 2021 2 min read

Available In Our Store, Right Now!
The New All-Star Angels

Cast in purifying light and effortlessly gliding down from an otherworldly realm, the Angels appear to the most faithful and devout Sisters of the Orphanage.

Summoned in the times of dire need to swoop down on holy wings to scourge the battlefields of evil!

Meleniel And Her Warhost

Meleniel leads her group of mysterious and aloof figures wherever they are needed. When the fighting is done she brings her almighty presence to bear on all those who would seek to defy the Sisters, making the mightiest warlord kowtow in fear and intimidation.

 Along with her trusty and steadfast Command Group, Meleniel musters a force of incredibly powerful and graceful warriors. As deadly and vengeful and they are beautiful, they fill any nearby allies with a pious rage, driving an army on to victory, no matter the odds.

Our 2021 All-Star Angel Re-Sculpts

As you may have seen back in August last year we re-released the Sisters Exemplar with brilliant new sculpts. These were in response to some changing trends and community feedback, asking for bigger, bulkier versions of Raging Heroes classics. 

Check out Elechael the Just, highlighting the changes between the current and new versions!

More Decoration and Detail

The new version comes with better detail and more decoration on each and every Angel. Elechael now wears a Diadem as well as re-sculpted pauldrons

New Wings

With bigger and more detailed wings each new Angel looks deadlier than ever, capturing their speed as they drop onto an enemy.

Updated Spear

Bearing a unique spear, more suited to their angelic visage and encapsulating the swiftness of the retribution they bring.

More Epic

Each Angel is taller and bulkier, designed to fit in with your existing armies after listening to your feedback. Bring more epicness to your table top with these new incredible Angels!


Available In Our Store, Right Now!
The New All-Star Angels

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