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October 14, 2021 1 min read

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than to revisit the horror stories of olde: the fairy tales!

So let’s turn things upside down a bit and spice it up with a little bit of badass. Suddenly, the poor heroines who were always the designated victims become serious kick-ass adventuresses (yes, that could be a word, right?).

Snow White is a Witch Huntress

She's no longer the fairest one of them all and most probably the wickedest one!
Don't get too close as she might bite you (or worse)! Comes with an alternate head and arm for extra sassiness!🍎

Red-Riding Hood the WereWolf Slayer

Her favorite line is: "You know, my dear, it isn't safe for a werewolf to walk through these woods alone... 🏹🐺" 


Alice the cute maniac 🐰

Don't invite her to your tea parties... She'll go on a rampage and make a mess!!!

The Big Bad Wolf is still Bad...

But he avoids going into the Woods all by himself!

Vampire Host: Saphania, the Soul's Smuggler

Book your one way ticket to the Other Side.


Frankie Goblinstein

IT'S ALIVE!!!! IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!! or  maybe not...
Our creative team worked hard to bring this malicious and unique Goblin who loves Halloween as much as we do!
Our little Limited Edition Frankie Goblinstein will be given as a gift with every order over 99€ during the whole month of October!!!
This great servant will be the perfect addition to our all-new Vampire Host or even with our CarnevilCircus.


Check out our amazing Halloween Special Packs!
Don't come back home empty-handed and HAPPY Trick or Treating 🎃🎃🎃!!!!

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