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March 08, 2019 1 min read

Women's Day is EVERY day at Raging Heroes 

As you might have notice, we are celebrating women every day at Raging Heroes. We're creating over-the-top quality miniatures featuring mainly badass heroines and female troops! Today we're introducing you to a few real life Toughest Girls of the Galaxy that are inspiring to us!

Just before that, here's a list of 10 Striking Heroines to make you discover iconic Raging Heroines.

And now a few incredible real life Toughest Girls of The Galaxy. We thought it would be fun to relate them to our miniatures, enjoy!

A real Death Dancer - Lust Elf: 
Anastasia Minashkina


This quite intriguing yet incredible belly dancer will mesmerize you as our Death Dancers. Beautiful yet deadly moves from shapeshifting creatures...


A real Jailbird Musician:
Lindsey Stirling


This insane, badass and talented violonist player surely looks out of a Mad Max movie in this video, just as our famous Jailbirds!

Real Sisters of the Orphanage:
Iron Maidens Female Fighters

Don't mess with these girls either. A group of trailblazing female fighters armour-up and step into the medieval ring, like our Sisters of the Orphanage into the battlefield!

A real Jailbirds' Mimi The Radio:
The Samuraider


We couldn't resist to share this real-life Mimi The Radio aka Shaina West, beware of her sword and fighting skills!

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