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August 02, 2019 4 min read

Miniatures, stories & tattoos: Angel Meleniel inked!

Watching our miniatures coming to life on gaming tables and getting painted is something. But seeing one of our heroines as a tattoo is something else. We couldn’t believe it when we first got Michael’s email with his photos!

We’ve chat with him about the hobby, Raging Heroes, and of course this awesome tattoo project paying tribute to one of our characters!


About the tattoo

“ When the first images about Raging Heroes Angels came to life I totally fell in love with Meleniel. She seems to be bursting with power and invested with light, ascending and banishing evil bitches in the nearby with just her aura. I liked her pose and she really given to me the feeling of a leader among the other Angels. She was exactly what i was looking for a transposition of an angel in my skin, since i was looking for something that could make an angel beautiful, but also terrifying for an evil creature. I was mostly inspired by the lyrics from "Angels" of Within Temptation. “

However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the pose is a bit different from the original. “ I had to change a little bit her pose because her weapons and wings would have crossed around my arm, so me and my tattoo artist decided to use a lateral view instead of a frontal one and lowered her weapons so that they would fit. The other choice was to make her a full back tattoo, but i like to see her everyday and i could not have done it that way.” And here we are, with one of Raging Heroes heroines immortalized as a tattoo! Actually, it’s not the first one: a few Jailbirds characters and Charlie, the KST Mascot, have already been inked. But this Meleniel Tattoo is probably the best Raging Heroes tattoo so far!

But there’s more, and maybe a second tattoo to balance the Angel with Evil forces… “When i had to modify Meleniel, I immediately decided to make her look toward me... or to better say toward my right arm (she's on the left one), in which i think i will put an evil counterpart. The candidate to that is Sephea from the Dark Elves army. I love basically everything about her, from her snob expression to the pose and her terrifying sword.” Well, we’re looking for this. It would be a perfect representation of our TGG2: Light & Darkness duality!

Michael's Angels Squad


Minis & stories

Michael started wargaming in 2005, and is now more a painter than a gamer. “ I love to read about epic characters and then making them coming to life with my brush. I paint a story, an ideal, or an emotion. “ Skaryaa and the Blood Vestals were his first Raging Heroes Miniatures. Michael was bored about the minis he had in hand, and wanted to find minis that could make justice to his imagination, and a story he read about mad bit witches spreading blood across the battlefield. He finally found it with Raging Heroes, after googling “ Dark Elf Female Mini”.

“ I liked immediately the first Blood Vestals because they were exactly as described in most of the stories about dark elves: beautiful, bloodthirsty and erotic. With TGG2 anyway this has gone to another level: every mini does not stand in a static pose; it's like it has been photographed in the middle of the action, freezing a particular moment in the battlefield.

Also i love the possibility to pose your regiment minis in a personal and unique way thanks to ball joints. It gives them harmony and gives two identical minis a totally different appearance. You could have 40 blood vestals and not find a single one like the others. “

Blood Vestals - 1st edition - Source: Cool Minis or Not

We’ve asked Michael what would be his dream miniature collection / diorama: “ As I love to read stories, my diorama probably would be a giant army in march outside of a gate, ready to deploy in an open battlefield. I also cherish the idea of a skirmish, but i would prefer the tension that precede the true bloodshed: it is said that it is the worst part, with electricity saturating the air.”

Continuing on the importance of stories, Michael would dream about bringing them to life…in movies. “ If I had a magic wand I probably would make a movie out of all the characters and stories I read. There is a lot of crap and bad scripting in theaters these days and wonderful stories what a few knows that are passing unseen. “ Good point here. And also, how many remakes and re-remakes, while there are thousands of creative stories out there…

Michael's Angel Meleniel painted

And when it comes to people collecting miniatures, Michael would like to ask them the stories related to their choices: " Is that about epic battles, bringing models to life or just having fun with a game? " Answer him in the comments!


More models?

Finally, we’ve asked Michael suggestions about what kind of models he would like to see released in the future:

" I'd love to see Raging Heroes do a high elves army someday. We have the evil girls, let's see now some heroic elven princess ready to kick their asses! "

Anybody else would be interested in that?
Let us know in the comments!

Talking about High Elves, here's a conversion of our sorceress Shiveryah as an Archmage for a Ninth Age' Highborn Elves army:

Conversion by Aegon

Painted by Phantasos Studios



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