Mahleezariah painted 💀 Photos of the Lust Elves Matriarch - Raging Heroes

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August 11, 2020 2 min read

Mahleezariah painted 💀 Photos of the tall Lust Elves Matriarch

One of the "big" models in her army. Mahleezariah is an imposing figure standing 75mm tall from the ground to the top of her horns. This heroine quickly became one of the most popular among the Lust Elves. We thought you would appreciate a photo gallery of paintjobs, scroll down and enjoy!

This model is a great challenge for painters, not quite easy, but definitely really fun to work on. The figurine is full of insane details, especially her skeleton robe, that some hobbyists choose not to assemble, or to customize themselves. Here's what they said about the mini:


Amazing sculpt! Really sturdy and detailed. Definitely my favorite model to paint so far. Will be ordering more for sure! " - Kittikawin P.

" She's the coolest model I've ever seen. Was a pleasure to paint! " - Dark M.

" What an amazing model, the imagination of this sculpt is mindblowing. so original!. always impressed with your models and casting quality! " - Tayakorn K.


Paintjobs of Mahleezariah

By Kathryn - Chaos Chic:

By John Pope:

By John E :

By Den of Imagination:

By Jennifer - Still Life Miniatures: 

By @dragonsdeck_miniatures :

By @antevenatusstudios :


By @kinpatsusamurai :

 By Karolina @aedlabs :

By @letoyminiature :


By Andrea P :

By Kittikawin P. :

By Maria T :

By Scriniarii Primus :

By Stéphanie @feendrachin:

By Tayakorn K. :

By Dark. M

We hope all these paintjobs will give you some inspiration to start painting your Lust Elves! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in comments!

Killer Packs: The Fury Of the Matriarch
Mantis Warriors + Mahleezariah

If you're looking to get your hands on Mahleezariah but also our now classic Mantis Warriors, you should take a look at the Fury of the Matriarch Packs. These boxes are featuring the Matriarch + 10 or 20 Mantis Warriors, and they are great deals too!

More about the Mantis Warriors

Head over to this post for assembling + painting tutorial of the famous Mantis Warriors!





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