Last hours to grab a Blood Marauder or Archpapess Guard Pack!

Last few hours before they disappear!
Now is your last chance to grab the few packs left
featuring the Flesh Eaters, the Angels and the Knights of the Chalice

Remember our latest insane exclusive packs featuring unrealeased models? Well, they're almost gone and will disappear from the catalog in just a few hours, so if you had them in your wish list, it's now or never!

  • Blood Marauders feat. The Skinners: SOLD OUT!
  • Archpapess Guard feat. Knights Of The Chalice
  • Archpapess Guard extended feat. Knights Of The Chalice + Sisters Regular: SOLD OUT

Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€(about US$70 or 54£), and
get a FREE unreleased model for orders over 99€you will 
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.

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