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April 28, 2020 2 min read

NOTE: This post is related to Heroes Infinite, our Patreon Campaign for 3D Printable figurines. What's a Patreon? It's a membership platform where you - as a patron - support artists and creators: when you subscribe to our project, you will be given access to new files and content every month! If you want to learn more about this project click here!


Last 36 hours to join and get the Pirates + Loyalty program

Ahoy! First of all thanks again for your great support in our April 2020 release, it’s so cool to see all your photos in the group! We’re amazed by your positive feedback and the amount of work you have accomplished already with these files! We’re so stoked for the next months, and we hope you are too!
As the end of the month is here (Spider invasion coming up!!), here’s a friendly reminder that the STL files for thePirates of the White Sea will begone on April 29th at Midnight (Pacific Time), so make sure you don’t miss anything:
  • Patrons: if it’s not done yet, please download your files before Wednesday night!
  • If you’re not a Patron yet, but you’re still thinking about it, this is your last chance to join now and get the Pirates files + become a member of the Loyalty Program
By becoming a Patron today, you get access to:
  1. An insanely cool Welcome Box: a free fully modular Tavern set with tons of accessories
  2. The Monthly Super Value STL Pack Release
  3. And you get started on the Infinite Loyalty Programme: for each quarter as a subscriber, you get an Exclusive Super Gift.


What happens exactly on April 29th?
The download links for Pirates will expire.
Once the links expire, the files are GONE from this Patreon forever.
This means that you must make sure to download your files BEFORE that April 29th at Midnight (Pacific Time).
Can I still buy the Pirates files after April 29th?
If you wish to acquire the Pirate files later, you’ll be able to find them, but the individual files will be sold at a much higher price. That’s why we highly recommend you to join now! ;)

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