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June 12, 2018 1 min read

Forget the fancy stuff, the monsters, the heroes...

The Dark Elf Infantry is Charging

A unique opportunity to beef up your army 


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Exclusive  LIMITED Dark Elves packs  with  UNRELEASED  models: 
Spear Women + Crossbow Women + Sword Women + Long Swords + Halberds and more...

Your Dark Elves Army will kick ass! SAVE UP TO 24%
on our Black Hearts  Exclusive LIMITED Packs

Exclusive Dark Elves Packs 

♠ Black Hearts  ROAMING Party  Pack
♠♠ Black Hearts  INCURSION  Pack
♠♠♠ Black Hearts  VANGUARD  Pack
♠♠♠♠ Black Hearts  ASSAULT  Pack

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The Dark Elves are getting serious!

Black Hearts Exclusive Packs - but just for a limited time

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